-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 14


Salma and I had a very nice converstation that night, we talked liked we ve known eachother for a long time, and after Mtn made us quit talking around 4.30am, we slept lookin forward to seeing eachother at the dawn of the day, i sent her my address as soon as she droped the call(delay is dangerous, lol).
At about 10am, she called and said she was set and on her way, i rushed into the bathroom to freshing up, sprayed all the sprayables, wore a pant trouser and a singlet, i wasnt even through yet, she had called again, telling me to come pick her outside. I went outside the gate and behold, before me stood this amazing, georgous looking queen, she was dressed like one going for a dinner party or an award night, she was wearing a Beautiful red gown that brought her mad hips out, and to match was a nice pair of shoes(was she trying to impress me, i said to myself), i swear i was speechless at 1st, all i did was gaze, then finally ” you are the Prettiest thing have seen in a long time, Salma you are Beautiful” i said(lost in her Beauty), ” thanks” she said, she held me by the arm as we walked inside(that guy dey flex sha, i said in my mind).
We got into my apartment and offered her a seat. ”you have a nice place, you even have a piano” she said, ” its for the fellowship i play for here in School, i use it to rehearse and tutor our colleagues as well” i said, ”i dont understand you,how can you be bad and good at thesame time, nah wah ooo things dey happen,anyhow sha you stay alone?” she asked, ” i have a room-mate but he traveled to Benin” i replied. We had a nice time, gisted and laughed for hours, then i asked if she ll love to drink, she agreed. We went to Flex Bar not all that far from my house, ” what ll you love to drink” i asked, ”Stout” she said, ”that means you are my Sister in Alcohol’ i replied as we laughed.
I took two big stout and she took two small Stout and one Gordon Spark, then we went back to my place. (Iyaff tey wey the babe don dey drink), she still went to the kitchen, prepared indomie an egg, we ate, and then she slept off. Around 8 to 9pm i woke her up to shower, she did and slept back, then i had mine too.
Later i slept too, i woke up at intervals to pee and check on her, at about that morning we woke up facing eachother ,kept quiet and kept staring at eachother’s eyes, as a sharp guy nah i just slapped her with one sentilating kiss like that(anything wey wan happen make e happen), she cleared my doubt by responding to the kisses, as the kiss kept going on, i reached for her boobbbs, it was soft as a wool,(she must have taken off her bra after she had her bath, she knew this would happen, good say i no dull,i said in my mind), as i caressed them through her gown, she reached for my boxers and grabed my Bianpolo, went below and reached for it with her mouth, as she sukkked me, no doubt i knew she had master degrees in Sukkkilogy and Bedmatics, D–n! She was good, she sukkked my dikkk so wild i thought she was going to devour it, when she was done, i reached for her gown and took it off, i noticed her undies wasnt on, at that moment i knew she knew it was going to happen, i made her lay on the bed, tickled her with kisses from her fore-head, eyes, licked and tickled her ears, kissed her nose, lips, jaw, around her neck went down like that, sukkked her bursty bosoms, s—-d and danced my tongue around her Tips, kissed and tickled her down her belly, navel, then her thighs, down to her legs, came back, spread her legs wide, she had gotten so wet she was already dripping, ” i need you inside Ken” she whispered with her eyes closed, i reached for the bedside, deeped my hand into my store room of condoms, as i tore the seal off, she opened her eyes and took it from me (shey nah skin this babe want make i go? I asked myself), as i was pondering, she brought the cd out and rolled it professionally on my dikkkson(ph i hail ooo, i said in my mind), the next thing she stood up, and then bent down with one hand touching her kneel and then supported the wall with the other(nah which kind wild babe be this, shey you dey hear of ph babes, nah them be this, i laughed in my mind), canine and things all the way, she realy loved it from the back, and i love challenges, i had to face the task in front of me squarely, i pulled her by her hair, and rode like i was riding a horse to a war, i thought she would complain, but she didnt, instead her moaning filled the whole room like a fragrance, after a long while we switched postion, she sat ontop of me and was whining her hips like a Dj on the wheel of Steel, Damnnn! Never bleeped a girl that good, shes got talent i must say, i realised the difference between s-x and a good Bleep, she kept it going with her eyes closed like one meditating while i caressed and squeezed her bosoms, she made me had respect for ph girls, ‘the babe really represent well’, before i knew it my morning bell had rang.

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