-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 13


As i was trying to rephrase him, he slapped me(again ooo) in public, ‘i have a very Babyish face, right now am 26 but still look 22, but a strong and cute face too’, maybe nah why e dey easy for me to collect slap. I felt it stood in thesame exact position when the slap hit my face like i was a paused movie, everywhere was calm, with eyes gazing waiting to see my reaction, normally my friends and people in the department that really knew me knew i wouldnt let that one go without a fight, or at least a head-butt or something. I was upset but all of a sudden i started laughing(whats funny, i dont know)while people kept gazing as Salma watched in shock, i went closer to the guy, lean close to one side of his ear and said ” Bros you go get my message soon” and then walked away. People where surprised cos that was so unlike me, but fighting in public at that moment wasnt just the right approach to make i thought to myself ‘there are many angles to score a goal from’, but i was certain it wasnt going to just end there, ”Guy your father i dey wait for you, you know who i be?” he shouted as i walked away, i kept a deaf ear like he wasnt talking to me(there’s only one way to find, i go know soon no worry, i said in my mind).
That evenin as i hung out with the guys, i narrated what happened and told them i would take care of it myself, and they knew i could. At about that night, i woke up to pee, took my fone and flipped through, i noticed i had gotten like 4 to 5 missed calls, an unknown number, i wasnt familiar with the number so i gave it a beep, expecting the number to call back, within minutes, after i had peed, the number called back, i picked it kept quiet waiting to hear the caller speak 1st, ”(i heard a lovely voice from the other end)Hello Ken its Salma”, ” hey whasup, how are you” i asked, ” am fine, have been calling” she said, ” am sorry my dear, been sleeping, hope your Rambo Boyfriend isnt there, before he slaps the living hell out of you again and probably give me mine through the fone” i asked, ”(she bursted into laughter) no i stay alone” she replied, ” babe how you take dey cope with that guy, a girl as pretty as you are, please you deserve better, not a guy who’s suppose to be protecting you messing you up in public” i asked, ” my dear this isnt the first time he’s done stuffs like that, he hits me and the next minute apologises and tells me howmuch he loves me and want to keep me, but yesterday’s own was way out of line for me, i broke up with him, silly guy” she said, ” why did you break up nah, you Bleep up ooo, you for wait make em kill you first nah” i said as he laughed on, ” Ken thanks for standing up for me, and for the slap you took for me(laughing)” she said, ”just that ordinary slap, i can do more, even Jack died for Rose in Titanic” i said, she couldnt help it but just kept laughing for a while, then when she finaly got hold of herself she said ” you are so funny sha, my ex the guy too serious, but seriously thanks for standing up for me and i apologise on his behalf”, ”babe you no need apologise for am o, nah between me and am, if there should be an apology he should come do it himself, if not i ll force it out of his mouth” i said, ” Ken that guy is dangerous, please let it go, i dont want him to hurt you” she said, i already understood what she meant by him being dangerous, an ordinary guy wouldnt just slap two people in public like that,thats certain, as she said that i started laughing, “whats funny?” she asked, ”him hurting me is funny, cos i walked away shouldnt make you think am weak,what makes you think i am not more dangerous as he is, he should be scared cos he doesnt know what i have in mind” i replied, ”make i hear jare, aje-butter like you” she said, ”you really mistaking my looks, you should have asked him what i told him in his ear” i said, ”and what did you tell him” she asked, ”if you cant ask him, you ll find out soon enough” i said, ”you dey talk like say you belong,shey you belong” she asked, ” there’s only one way to find out” i replied, ”how” she asked, ”when you come close to me you tell me the answer” i said, ”wow i think i like you, we are flowing like have known you for years” she said, ”for me i dont tink i like you, i have graduated from thinking, i know i like you” i replied, she laughed and after a while she said ”can we see tomorrow, maybe hangout or something” she said,( you wan try blushing? I was waiting for her to say that), ”ofcourse why not” i replied, ”so how do we see, do i come to your place or you come to mine” she asked,(i tought for a while)then said, ”my place will do, or what do you think?” i asked, ” am cool with that,where do you stay?” she asked, ” Ekrejeta” i replied, ”ok text me the address when we are done talking” she said, ”i will do just that, so tell me more about yourself” i said, ”why the rush? You have all day to get to know me tomorrow”she said.

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