-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 12


We waited that day nothing happened, waited the 2nd day nothing happened, and nothing still happened tiil date. Am sure maybe he didnt tell his guys what really happened that day cos if he did, they wouldnt have gone down without a fight, ‘sure thing’.
I had gotten alot of female friends, i guess the Piano thing made it alot easier cos evreyrone wanted a rehearsal night *winks*, but there was this particular Portharcout girl(their swag no be here ooo, Lol) , Salma by name ‘ we just liked eachother, (you know that kind of friendship where you ll just like eachother for no reason), i didnt ask her out but for no reason we just started dating, how we met was realy weird. Chizzy had gotten admission the previous year in Madonna. She visits me frequently in school, but Salma was closer to me cos i spent time with her often but i luvd Chizzy mor, she was my 1st so i just had that permanent respect for her, we ve been close since kids. I still had it going on with Tina, she was such a cheerful giver, she gave willingly, freely and judiciously and i recieved gladly, humblely, happily, the feeling was mutual, she liked me naturally and added emotions in everything we did. She would invite me over to her place i would refuse (guess you know why), so we did lots of nice rehearsals.
During exams that semester, i carried a course over from my 100 level, so i wanted to re-write it. I took my time, read very well, the course was History of African Music 102. On the exam day i went to the hall, where i sat, someone tapped me from behind, ” please hope you read for this course very well” it was Salma, ” i did small sha, anything?” i asked, ” i have been carrying this course since my 100 and am in 300 now, if there’s anyway you can help me please do” she said, ” ok we go rugged am no wahala” i said ” thank you she replied.
As the exam went on, i placed my answer sheet where Salma could clealy see it, made her copy almost everything, then left her behind and went to submit my paper. After exams like that i hung out with friends just outside the department talking about the Paper, so i hung out with a few friends talking about the Paper not too long Salma came out of the hall very excited looking for me, saw me, came to where i was rushed me with a hug, i knew it was out of excitment, she probably might have never written that well, ” am Salma, ken thank you” she said, ” how did you know my name” i asked, ”i saw it on your script , she said”, ” i for fear(we both laughed), hope you wrote well?”i asked, ” i did thanks to you” she said. She collected my number and said she was going to call me ; and she was really looking sophisticated(you know as Ph babes dem be nah) and very very Pretty too, ‘chocolate looking girl like that ( OMG how i love chocolate).
I and my friends kept talking about the paper, as i watched her walk away (this girl make sense oo, see front and back sha), i said in my mind at first, when i couldnt condole the Beauty anymore i had to voice it out, make e no go choke me ” this erema make mad brain, Salma i dey wait for your call i swear” while evryone bursted into laugher. I watched her as she was arguing with a guy from a distance, the guy kept pointing at me, and i hate it when people do that(you must tell me wetin make you dey point if you no wan buy market), as i was pondering the pointin (wetin make this guy dey point me,i was askin myself), what i saw next was a dirty slap from where i stood with my friends, the guy slaped Salma, ( see babe wey make mad sense like this) ; and for me i hate it when a guy hits a girl, i cant lay a finger on a woman, a girl has slapped me before i walked away James Bond son like me, my mum thought me that anyway, ”she said if you can beat a girl you sleeping with, dont be surprise if your son beats your wife(it could be her stop mum), aside that i treat women and their matters with caution.
I could’nt hold myself, the slap gave me an insight about the pointing,(he saw her collected my number,and when she hugged me, he must felt i had chiked her and maybe she had fell cheaply, or maybe he felt she disrespected him for doing the things he saw her did in front of him)so i thought, i went to where they were as people gazed on(una know as people dey gather for department block after exam), the place was full, the whole attention was just focused on the both of them. Somehow i knew i was part of the reason he slapped her, ” guy even if your babe do wetin piss you off, chill till una reach house, no be for public” , i said angrily, ”e concern you? Nah ur babe?” he asked, ”shey you don pay her bride price, which eye you want make people take look am” i asked back , ”gerrout make i no slap you too” he replied,(Ah! ah! i don suffer sha, evrybody wan slap me, c wetin baby face dey cos, God no just bless us with bierbier),” you no go like even wan try am” i said,”, i became infuriated, and trying to rephrase him he…

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