-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 11


It was about 5 or 6 months gone already, i doubt he could still remember my face. Where i was you could picture the huge smile on my face,(trust me it was an evil smile), at that moment the only thing on my mind was ‘Pay Back’, i stood up from where i was gave someone my smoke to hold for me, they still hadnt known who the guy was, then i intercepted him on the way, his fone was on his ear ” am there now please come outside, dont keep me waiting” he said to the person he was speaking with on the fone, then hung up, i knew a Girl had brought him to that environment, ‘aint life a Naughty Lady?’ lol, Chuks and the other guys were quiet and just watching, they thought it was an old friend i hadnt seen in a long time, even at that they knew i had my own attitude, i was so unpredictable and fearless, so they respected me for that.
” Guy howfar nah, shey you remember this face?” i calmly asked him, he kept quiet for a while like he was trying to recollect, after a while he said ”No but i guess have seen you somewhere before, your face looks familiar kind of”, i started laughing cos he hasnt realised what he’s just gotten himself into. I was extra careful, i stayed away from trouble and avoided stepping on peoples toes, so as not to get stepped on too, but if you bring the trouble, am down for it, when you want to hurt me, you ll have to kill me cos if you make me come back for revenge or pay back i do worse, my motto was ‘i do to others what i want them to do to me’ and ‘treat people the way i would want them to treat me’,thats just me.
”Guy you sure say you no remember this face?” i calmly asked again, my guys were still watching, ” guy i no know you jor, shey you know me” he asked, then i directed my mouth to his ears and whispered to him saying ” you remember that guy wey u slap anyhow with your men them the day i come see one Tina girl like that for monkey joint last semester?”, i saw the shock on his face, he was quiet for a while, as he was about to say something the girl he called showed up, came to where we were then hugged and kissed him right in front of me (insult number 2), ” Guy abeg no vex shey we settle am that day, we just dey try OBS you that day, nah to keep our mothership safe” he said (see confidence sha), bringing his hand for me to shake, i pushed it back, ”guy i don apologise abeg clear road” ( lol see mind sha), ”you forget say forgiveness nah sin?”, i asked calmly, ” Guy clear road abeg” he said trying to shove me out of the way (people get mind sha), holding his girl by the hand, it infuriated me, before he knew it, he had gotten an unexpected head-butt using all the force my head could gather, landed my head between his noise and top lips, the force was so much that it gave me a slight cut on my forehead, but his top lips had been bursted open, his mouth was pumping blood as if you were trying to inflate a car tire
Chuks and the other guys stood up from where they were in shock, no one saw that coming, from where they were they felt i was talking to an old friend, ”Ken wetin happen, Ken wetin happen”? They were asking me at thesame time, ” nah the b—–d wey slap me anyhow for monkey joint the day wey i come back dey para”,i said (exactly wetin nobody wan hear at that moment), his girl had already started crying, i know she lives in the vicinity, we say hi whenever we bump into eachother but a man has got to do what he’s got to do, ” come on go down there, go down” Chuks and the other guys were shouting at him as he was getting slaps and punches from different angles, while the girl kept crying. The noise excited the neighbours and people staying around, people started coming out from their hostels. ” wida u?”, ”Abra-ka-ya”(meaning i dnt know, lmao) Chuks and the other guys were asking him, i went to a corner took my shirt off, ”abeg make una free am, make em get up, nah between me and am, i wan fight this guy one on one, man to man” i shouted as i went to their midst while people gazed on, ” abeg make una help me draw circle” i said.
They drew the circle, i was like a ferocious beast, i wanted to unleash the pain he made me go through, he was reluntant to fight, maybe he was scared or something(i dont know) but that gave me a hedge, i threw him some punches, his mouth was still bleeding like a tap,at 1st i didnt give a d–n, people came close and was begging on his behalf, his gf(whether na em babe i no know for them) knelt down held me by pants, pulling, crying and begging, so i freed him, told the girl to get him water to clean himself, she did, but he was still bleeding, so i called a bike, payed him to take him home .” guy no vex we just dey try OBS you” i said (at least he should have a taste of his own food and see how it feels).
I and the other guys sat outside, strategised and prepared, cos normally we were expecting him and his frat coming to fight back, so we sat and waited patiently…

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