-Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy

Read Story: Confessions Of A Rough, Rugged And Raw 9ja Guy… Part 10


”Calm down Ken” Chuks stood up, came to where i was, saw marks on my face and knew something big must have happened ( i fair well well so wetin you expect), it took me a while before i gave them a full download of what happened, and then Yellow Boys and Black Boys hated eachother. Chuks was so upset cos i was more like a Broda to him ”you wan balm shey?” he asked, ” i say make una balm me eehh!” i kept repeating it over and over again, ”you remember their faces”? Flames(he belonged to the fraternity) asked me, ” even if i forget the rest face, i no fit ever and will never forget the Slapper” i replied. ” we go run am no worry” said Chuks, they passed me already wrapped weed, i smoked up and drank and before you new it i was laughing again like nothing happened but still treasured the face of the Slapper in my treasure box upstairs.
At 200 level i became bolder, badder, more confident, and had more attitude(if you know what i mean). I moved out of my cousins apartment, got my own place at Ekrejeta, not too far from Campus 1, got a roommate(Esosa, met him during our Post Ume and kept in touch ever since) cos once in a while you need someone to talk to.Tina was already in her final year, but our friendship didnt stop at the 1st sexxx we had at the rehearsal night, she had a bf but we had sexxx whenever we hung out, more sexxx excapades kept happening at our night rehearsals, i guess she must have probadly loved it but it became a normal thing, we had it a couple of times at her house but guess like 3 times, i hardly go there cos i will only be trading on enemies territory. When you are very close to a girl(i mean the kinda closeness where you could tell eachother your deepest secrets) and you guys are’nt dating then one thing leads to another, you guys have s-x, you ll find it difficult to stop, even if you try as long as you are in thesame enviroment, its beta u guys had kept it at just being friends, Tina’s experience thought me that, and for the fact that i was the kinda guy who will never pay money to a girl for sexxx, beg for sexxxx, so we kept doing it cos she gave me cheerfully, i could stay away from sexxxx for as long as it takes, but if i see the zero i go put my one inside, and if you are very close to a girl and you guys aint fukkking, she ll take you like clown, engage you whenever shes bored, and shock you with an insult of your life, another girl’s experience thought me that(story for another day) .
I was hanging out with Chuks and the other guys at the front of their creep, doing the usual smoking and drinking thing on a chilling evening like that, a bike droped 1 fresh looking young guy like that, ” Osalobua! Its a lie, who the fukkk am i seeing” i cried out like a man in the wilderness, i started laughing cos i thought i was high, i cleaned my eyes again very very well, as in very well( lmao), i realised i use to hear that phrase ‘its a small world’ would you believe? It was the Slapper that humiliated my life when i went to Tina’s place for the first time

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