-The Coffins Of Error

Read Story: The Coffins Of Error… Part 6

Story written by LarrySun…

‘Hi, my name is Sule.’ he smiled, revealing wretched gums in the process.

‘My name is Saka. Do you know that there is a coffin behind this lorry?’

The shock that came to the face of Sule was instantly replaced by a terror which could match the fear of someone who had come face-to-face with a ghost.

‘The coffin is empty,’ The handsome truck-driver quickly chipped in. He was sure the young man was ready to excuse himself from the lorry with a hasty retreat. But the assurance from his new saviour made the job-seeker relax back in his seat and a grin was perfectly plastered on his face.

Then the journey continued.

Hardly had they journeyed another fifteen minutes when another remarkable traveller was spotted trying to flag down the lorry. The man was not only perspiring like a swimmer but also strangely dressed; he was white-skinned and was donned in a white garment that was in that time popularly worn by religious fanatics of the cherubim and seraphim gatherings, but the white linen was already turning black with sweat. And of course, the truck-driver pulled over to help the angel out. Dawodu, on getting down, discovered a stranger thing about the stranger he was about to help; the albino was barefooted. When asked, the stranger replied that strapping any footwear while still in the cloak of purity was against their religious beliefs. This explanation made Dawodu wonder whether his newest host was wearing anything under the white robe. Even the lower portion of the dress was swollen in such a trigonometrical proportion that would make Mary Magdalene run for cover. However, because the pronunciation of this religious man’s name tends to harden the arteries, the man told the driver to simply call him Sutana.

‘Where are you going, Sutana?’ Dawodu asked, evidently ready to help.

‘I’m going to church, and I’m almost late. This fuel scarcity is something else.’

‘Where is your church?’

‘At the outskirts of Ogbomosho. I just wish this sun was not as honest as it was today. I’m being baked alive here.’

‘Would you mind if I transported you there in my private jet?’

Sutana stared at the driver a moment before staring at the ‘jet’ itself; then he said to Dawodu, ‘The jet does not look like a private one to me, with those two marsupials perched inside.’

‘But that is the probem, there is no more space in the front seat,’ he thought about this and added, ‘You’ll have to use the back, that’s if you don’t mind.’

‘I don’t have a choice.’

‘But-er, there is a coffin at the back.’

The religious zealot’s expression, on hearing the new revelation, suggested he doubted the driver’s rationality, even his own. ‘A coffin?’

‘Yes,’ Dawodu replied quickly, ‘but it’s empty. I’m only helping out that skinny man in my lorry. I assure you, the coffin is empty.’

Sutana smiled broadly, ‘That’s not a problem; coffins don’t scare me, neither do corpses.’


‘I work in a mortuary.’

To Be Continued…

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