-A Bastard And A Slu-T

Read Story: A Bastard And A Slu-T (18+)… Part 5

A Story written RedHairedandFriendly…

The first wave of Pour had shocked Grace. The fluids shot out and covered her face and mouth. She choked and coughed as the gushing continued and the spray splashed against her cheeks, nose, and eyes. She felt Chad’s hand in her hair seconds before she was pushed into Carrie’s cunt. She was forced to swallow another volley of juice before Chad lifted her up and tossed her to the floor. Through Pour-covered eyes she watched him plow his thick hard Joystick into Carrie’s eager Kittycat. The sound of their Bleeping made her skin burn and the image of his Joystick as it piston in and out of the young woman made her s*x tighten. She licked her lips, tasted Carrie and wiped away at the liquid that dripped from her face.

The young girl was screaming again as Chad unloaded his seed into her. Grace sat on the floor, a forgotten Sl*t in the middle of the room. She covered her face with her hands and tried to plug her ears with her fingers. The sounds of the two coming could not be drowned out. When Chad was finished he pulled out of Carrie and rolled onto his back. “Clean us up,” he muttered.

Grace’s hands fell away and a look of shock and disbelief made up her expression. She looked at Chad’s limp Joystick and the combined juices that coated his Joystick and Carrie’s Kittycat. Revulsion rolled through her as she climbed onto her knees and crawled back to the bed. She said nothing as she began to lick Carrie’s sensitive mound and when the young girl pushed her away, Grace moved on to cleanse Chad. His Joystick hardened from her ministrations and dread washed through her.

“Thanks babydoll,” Carrie whispered before grabbing Grace’s face and forcing her to accept a deep tongue-twisting kiss. Carrie released Grace and left the room, taking her clothes with her. While she dressed in the bathroom, Chad grabbed Grace and pulled her onto his hips.

To Be Continued…

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