-A Bastard And A Slu-T

Read Story: A Bastard And A Slu-T (18+)… Part 2

A Story written RedHairedandFriendly…

“That’s it baby, you can come for me. You like coming. Such a dirty Lovepeddler you are.” Chad’s voice was deep and full. His words slightly muffled. Grace heard them though and she knew he spoke the truth. She was a dirty Lovepeddler and what he was doing to her Kittycat was making her whole body shiver and quake. Soon her hips were rising and falling and she was no longer fighting for control over her body or her emotions.

Chad responded to her willingness by pushing three fingers into her Kittycat and Bleeping her vigorously, while lapping at her swollen lips and dripping s*x. He reached up and pinched her left Tip, pulling the hard bead and twisting it until Grace was begging for him to F**K her. Chad laughed, refusing to give her the Joystick she craved and instead shoved his fist into her tight hole.

Grace screamed from the sudden fullness and the shocking discomfort that came along with it. He felt her body tense and told her to stay calm. She could take it. She was a Bleeping Sl*t and she could take whatever he gave her. Grace felt tears slip down her cheeks, but she said nothing more and chose instead to take the punishing assault of his fist twisting back and forth in her tight hole. True to his word, her body did accept him and soon she was bucking and riding and begging for more.

When she came her whole body seemed to lift itself off the bed and remain suspended in the air. She couldn’t breathe, think, or recall anything she’d may have said. All she saw were explosions of light behind her clenched lids. All she felt was rapid shots of heat and electricity erupt from her veins. Her Pour was an avalanche of liquid steam that cascaded over Chad’s fist and onto his face. She felt him retract his fist and cover her Kittycat with his mouth as she exploded over and over again.

How much time passed before she found herself able to move Grace didn’t know. All she did know that was when she was more aware of her surroundings, Chad was by the door and talking to someone. She rolled over. Her body ached and her mind was numb. She saw, through a foggy haze, Chad moving back and accepting a cart, then pulling money from the pocket of his robe and handing it to the hotel attendant.

The aroma of food wafted over Grace, causing her stomach to growl. She sat up, pushing her hair from her eyes and watched as Chad pushed the cart over to the table and began to arrange their lunch.

“If you want to shower first, go ahead,” Chad told her as he sat down and began to eat.

Grace shook her head, and left the bedroom. Behind the closed and locked door of the bathroom, she slid to the floor and began to cry. Hate for herself and for her blackmailer rolled over her. The reactions she had to his Bleeping, kissing, and talking to her were the reactions of a Lovepeddler. She didn’t want to be there and yet everything in her body craved what he was doing to her. She hated the fact that he knew it too. He knew he held the power to force her to his will and yet he hadn’t asked her to do anything that she hadn’t willingly done with men she’d met in secret. Grace knew it all came down to control. She had control in all her affairs. She picked the man, the time, the place, and the acts. But now she had nothing – the only control she had was to leave and let him destroy her world.

“Get it together girl,” she told herself, before pushing herself back up and forcing herself into the shower. She washed away the sticky remains of Pour and later brushed her teeth, removing whatever taste may have still existed from Chad’s blow job. When she left the bathroom, her hair was damp and she wore a white hotel robe.

“Take that Sh*t off,” Chad told her.

Grace’s lower lip trembled. “I don’t get one speck of dignity?” she asked.

“Do you deserve it?”

“You don’t know what I deserve.”

To Be Continued…

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