-The Story Of Tejumola

Must Read: The Story Of Tejumola… Part 4

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The next morning after breakfast, I told the woman my story.
She intoduced herself as Lina, she was touched by my story.
She offered me a job as her househelp which I readily accepted.
Lina was a wonderful woman in her early thirties. She lived alone in her mansion, though I wondered why.
She treated us as a family, enrolled Eniola into school and all.
Life went on sweetly for us, we’ve spent almost 8 months with Lina.
I was in my room one day counting my savings, Lina paid me really well and I also make some money out of the money for house upkeeps.
“One..two..three…” I counted the naira notes loudly.
I summed it up.
“One hundred and fifty thousand?” I gasped
I shook my head disbelievingly and recounted the money again.
“Wonderful!” I exclaimed.
“So Tejumola Benson can have this huge money?” I asked myself again.
I did some dance steps happily.
I heard someone giggling, I turned to see Eniola, she must have been watching for long now.
“You, why are laughing like that.?” I feigned a frown.
“Nothing.” she laughed some more.
“come here” I beckoned to her, and walked towards me.
I held her gently, looking at her all over, my baby was growing fast.
“Mummy, why are you looking at me like that?” she was smiling, her dimples showing.
I shook my head gently, she looked just like David, her eyes, the lashes, the thick hair, those lips…
“Mummy!” she pouted.
“Sorry” I said absent mindedly, tucking my savings under my pillow, I’d take it to the bank tomorrow.
“Sorry!” Eniola mimicked me.
She reminded me of my past trouble making.
“hey! Don’t be like mummy!” I chided her.
She laughed again.
“here lil’ princess” I placed her on my laps.
She froze momentarily.
“Mummy? Am I a princess?” she asked looking confused.
“Yea baby.”
“My daddy is a King?” she asked innocently.
“Yes.” I laughed.
“Wow!” she jumped off my laps.
“mummy why don’t I see him? He doesn’t like me?” she asked again.
“Your daddy loves you” I wasn’t sure I said that.
“I’ve never seen him before, has he seen me before?” her voice was low.
“Now, baby, that’s enough.” I tried to hold her.
“Mummy, I wish I can see my daddy, my friend in school have a daddy, he buys her icecream…and…” her voice trailed off in despair.
I was shocked, Eniola has never spoken that way before. I was short of words..
“Eniola, go and play!” I told her, atleast to end this discussion.
“No mummy, I can’t play.” her eyes glinted, I saw the pains in there.
“Baby..whats going on..?” I whispered,
“Mummy, I want to tell you something…” she searched my eyes.
“Talk, mummy is listening.”
she hesitated.
“C’mon sweerie..” I urged her.
“Mummy…Its Akpan..” she started.
Akpan? Akpan was Lina’s gateman. I sensed trouble.
“I’m listening, baby talk to mummy.” I assured her.
“he use to catch me if I’m playing.” she flipped.
“Catch you? As how?” i was confused.
“He use to hold me and tell me to come and play with him, he use to rub my head and….”she hesitated.
“Baby, go on,” I was losing my patience.
She didn’t speak again, she had fear written all over her face.
“baby mi, tell mummy” I said soothingly.
“I…I…today in the morning..he catch me again…he now put his hand inside my pants…it pain me very well…I now started crying…he now say I should not tell my mother” she concluded.
I could’nt believe what I heard…the whole world came to a stand still… I looked at Eniola, her face full of sorrow and pain, that look was to much for a five year old.
“Mummy sorry..” she sniffed
I never noticed she was crying.
Akpan dared took advantage of my daughter’s innocence.
“Akpan!” I yelled as I stamped out of my room.
“Akpan …where are you Murderer!”
“Mummy!” Eniola tugged at my skirt.
I didn’t look at her, I would show Akpan he tampered with my Jewel….I’ll castrate him
“Akpaaan! where are you?” I yelled as I sauntered towards his room at the gate.
“Akpan,I say come out here!”
The unsuspecting Akpan rushed out holding his shorts loosely.
“Wetin happen na?” he frowned.
I didn’t reply, instead I drag his shorts down leaving him unclad except for the singlet he was wearing.
He stood rooted to the spot, too astonished to speak.
“Oshi! Omo olori buruku! Shameless ! How dare you prey on my daughter?” I screamed and clapped my hands.
“Rubbish!” he replied pulling his shorts up.
“What did you just say?”
“I say rubbish! Carry your bastard pikin comot ma see road jare!” he retorted.
I landed him three slaps in quick successions.
“You called my daughter a bastard abi? You must show me you weren’t born a bastard too! Agbero!” I said as I rushed towards his guard room
I emerged with a stick and kpo! The stick landed on his head. He screamed and fell down.
“Oshi!” I charged at him
a car’s horn blasted at the gate. I knew too well it was Lina.
Akpan crawled to open the gate, holding his head.
I pounced on him again after he opened the gate.
Lina rushed out of her car towards us.
I was sitting on Akpan, feeding his face with slaps and fists.
“Stop that!” Lina shouted.
I didn’t oblige, instead I took hold of Akpan’s balls.
He screamed loudly.
I didn’t let go, he started speaking in tongues.
“What’s wrong with you?”Lina pulled me off him.
I didn’t reply, I was breathing heavily.
“the both of you should meet me inside.” she instructed before walking into the main building.
I explained everything to Lina, but Akpan denied it all.
He told her I attacked him after he refused to succumb to my seductions.
I gaped at him, bruises and swells all over his face, his forehead was bleeding. He would never forget Tejumola all through his life!
“Tejumola, I’m suprised at you.” Lina began
“How could you come so low?”
“Ma, you believed him?” my lips quivered
“of course i do!” she snapped.
My eyes almost popped out.
“I’ve been living with Akpan for ten years now, i don’t think Akpan can do such. He is well-brought up…” she began
I swallowed hard and exhaled.
“Its in my interest to protect my gate-man, you nearly killed him!” she emphasised the ‘kill’
“In that case, I’m gonna pay you off.” she said carelessly.
I bit my tongue, I stopped myself from apologising. Tejumola isn’t that cheap.
“here’s fifty thousand naira, you have to leave now, you can go elsewhere, where they can gulp down your attitude”. She concluded opening her handbag.
I collected the money, murmured a thank you, and made to go out with Eniola on my shoulder, I stoped at the exit on impulse
“Ma, I really want to appreciate you for what you’ve done so far, you’ve tried…” I sighed.
“Its just that, Tejumola won’t sit back and watch some slum prey on her daughter…” I shook my head.
“May God bless you, for all you’ve done, may he reward you abundantly.” I concluded with tears streaming down my cheeks.
Lina’s lips moved but no words came out, she was full of pity and regrets. I didn’t wait to hear what she’d say, I walked out.
“Mummy sorry” Eniola sniffed as I packed our few belongings together.
“Eniola, can you do mummy a favour?” I asked without looking up.
“Uhm!” she whimpered.
“Mummy wants you to stop crying, okay? Please my one!” I pleaded with her.
“But you’re crying too..” she said amidst tears.
“Okay, mummy won’t cry again.” I turned to her wiping my tears.
“Now do the same.” I forced a smile wiping her tears.
“I won’t cry again.” she smiled reassuringly.
I shook my head gently.
“I love you mum” she said throwing her arms round me.
“I love you my one and only.” I patted her head.
“We need to leave now.” I rose from my squatting position.
I’ve already made my plans.
I’ve made few friends, so I’d go to them now, I’d get an apartment before the week runs out, I’d get a shop and start selling provisions.
Atleast two hundred thousand naira would do, I assured myself as I and Eniola walked towards Bola’s place. I and Bola have become so close within those few months.
Bola welcomed us, she was homely in her one room self contained apartment. She promised to help us get an apartment within a few days time.
I glanced at Eniola, she looked calm. For once I never regretted my actions, I would do even more than that to protect my child. That’s why my name is Tejumola now. I smiled inspite of myself.
Eniola smiled too, she was watching me. I hugged her, our bond was too strong.But my little headache towards her was her always insisting to see her daddy.
We got a one room self-contained within four days, not up to four streets from Bola’s place. I also got a shop in the market, I started selling provisions and soup ingredients. Eniola enrolled in a school close to the market, so she could come to me after closing from school.
Business went on fine, atleast we didn’t lack anything.
Eniola was trekking back from school with her schoolmates. They walked in groups,-in three’s and in four’s.
“Eniola hold my hand lets cross the road.” A neighbours daughter called Tola,told her. She was older than Eniola, I had begged her to help my baby cross the road always.
“No” Eniola said defiantly.
“C’mon give me your hand.” tola said again.
“Nooooo” Eniola said again.
“Eniola, your mummy will beat you o” Tola warned her.
“I am a princess, my mummy won’t beat me.” Eniola said laughingly.
“I’l beat you o” Tola was getting worked up.
“Ehn? Me? Don’t o! My father is a king!” Eniola was enjoying the whole game.
“Stubborn girl!” Tola snapped.
“Yes o!” Eniola replied before running into the road.
“Eniola!” Tola tried to hold her but she was far gone.
An on-coming car screeched loudly before coming to a halt, almost banging into her. She fell down due to fear. It’s occupant ran out.
“Are you alright?” David asked picking her up.
“Did you hit me?” she asked
“No, I don’t think so, I almost did… Errm, sorry.”
“I’m fine” Eniola laughed,
Tola ran to where they are.
“Sorry Eni..” she held Eniola.
“Next time you should hold her hands” David cautioned Tola.
“She refused” Tola explained.
“I want to learn how to cross the road” Eniola said pouting.
David smiled.
“not now baby !”
“you should go home now.” he dipped his hands into his pocket and produced some naira notes
“here take this” he gave Eniola
“No thanks.” she smiled before running off.
“Mummy Eniola, good afternoon” Tola flexed her knees as they got to my shop.
“Tola, bawo? Hows school today?” I replied hugging them both.
I placed a flask before them both
“Tola eat before going home.” I instructed
“Mummy Eniola, one car hit your pikin today” Tola informed me gulping down some water.
“ofofo Tola” Eniola giggled.
“Sharrap!” I chided her
“Tell me my dear.” I told Tola.
“The driver even dash us money, but we didn’t collect.” she said with a mouth full of food
“I wan hold her hand before o, but she refused o” Tola shrugged
“Eniola? Is that true?” I asked
she giggled softly
“is that a laughing matter?” I glared at her
She bent her head in remorse
“sorry but I was learning how cross the road” her voice was low.
Stubborn girl! I thought.
Well I’m not suprised, she took well after me. She was a real Tejumola offspring, I was tempted to laugh but kept a straight face.
“Never try that again” I said sternly
“Sorry mummy”.
“Eat your food” I told her, before rising to attend to a customer.


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