-The Office Called Sodom (18+)

Must Read: The Office Called Sodom (18+)… Part 6

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He was carrying my Buttocks with both hands and was assisting my up and down movements along the length of his shaft

My enormously soaked Kittycat creamed his Joystick non-stop as we F***ed and the sight was so stimulating that it wasn’t long before the entire reception began pairing themselves two by two! Men-women, women-women and in very few cases, men-men! Not only did they pair, they equally began fucking too after great blowjobs! It suddenly turned into a complex corporate orgy no one envisaged!

Switching partners wasn’t difficult as many of the ladies choose new dudes and ladies after a couple of scintillating orgasms! I stuck with Nicholas even though Kevin later joined us, stuffing his Joystick in my mouth as I kept fucking Nicholas’ engorged Joystick! When we eventually switched into a doggy, getting me to get on my knees, I still kept Kevin’s Joystick in mouth! Nicholas on his part increased his rate of plowing my gooey Kittycat as my jiggly Buttocks gyrated at every contact!

The room was smelling heavily of s*x, Kittycat and sweat as many Unclad and semi-Unclad bodies rolled around in sexual ecstasy! I could see how Mr. Okon was being crowded by young and mature ladies alike as they sought to ride his enormous Joystick! Mrs. Funke was being F***ed mercilessly by another new staff who had since opened up to the office’s ‘work pattern’.

Mr. Okon was being crowded by young and mature ladies alike as they sought to ride his enormous Joystick

While she did, she also had her mouth on Cynthia’s puffy Kittycat! I was stunned to find Mrs. Titilayo, a member of the board being F***ed in the Buttocks by the security officer! As she received the pounding in the Buttocks, Kimi, (the same girl who gave our boss a Mouthaction in the past) kept sucking Titilayo’s Kittycat. The security officer will then occasionally pull out of the older woman’s asshole and get Kimi to suck him dry before driving his hard Joystick back in! She was even encouraging him to F**K her faster! It was really a highly erotic sight to witness!

To Be Continued…

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