-The Office Called Sodom (18+)

Must Read: The Office Called Sodom (18+)… Part 5

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They were probably thinking I wanted to fight him but were rightly stunned when I grabbed his Joystick which was surprisingly half-erect, by his fly

“You must F**K one of us today!” I announced without shame! “You cannot be in this office and play saint! You either learn how to F**K or resign!” The entire reception burst into laughter! Some were already responding affirmatively, stressing how Nicholas had just being unpleasantly different from the rest of us.

“I don’t understand…” he said, wincing at the relative pain he was feeling from how I was slightly crushing his balls as I held his entire Joystick in my hand through his fly. He had his hands on my hand in a bid to damper the pressure I was exerting.

“Well, you will soon understand!”, I was pulling down my skirt to expose my panty-less Kittycat and Buttocks! I instantly noticed his Joystick grow in my hands! “You claim to be a saint but would get a hard-on once you see a Kittycat!”

My watching colleagues burst into laughter again as they continued to encourage me! Quite soon, my skirt was tipped aside and I stepped out of it! Then I pulled out one of my Bosom from my blouse!

“Nicholas…you will suck my Kittycat this morning!” I increased the intensity of my grip, leaving him jumping in pain!

“Okay…okay okay okay!!” He screamed, mixing his affirmation with apology!

“And not only that, you will also suck that of everybody here!” His eyes widened up, but soon went cold as soon as I pressed his nuts in again!

“Yes, I will”, he shouted in pain!

In few seconds, we were already on the bare floor and he was eating my Kittycat! We had to take a 69 position so that I could retain my grip on his Joystick! I was so shocked at how Nicholas ate me out that I had no doubt, he had done this before thus raising further confusing as to why he kept refusing to F**K any of us! He so much sucked my clit that I got an orgasm in a few minutes even though I did my best to suppress its impact!

I was so shocked at how Nicholas ate me out that I had no doubt, he had done this before

Even after that, he still continued and was soon fucking my Kittycat with his tongue! Our colleagues were still watching and I was seeing some of them fingering their pussies already while the men wanked their dicks openly! Before I could keep myself together any further, I was already freeing Nicholas’ Joystick from his trousers! And as soon as it broke free, I got the very long Joystick into my mouth, gagging myself in the course! He was already seeping pre-Pour and it tasted wonderfully well as soon as it came in contact with my tongue!

Surprisingly, he wasn’t objecting and when we both felt satisfied, he was the one who lifted himself onto a seat nearby and asked me to ride him! The entire reception were stunned and as soon as I swallowed his long pecker with my Kittycat, news broke all over the office that Nicholas was finally fucking someone! The reception was soon filled with watching spectators! I never minded as I happily began riding Nicholas, sucking his lips in a kiss as I did! He was carrying my Buttocks with both hands and was assisting my up and down movements along the length of his shaft!

To Be Continued…

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