-The Office Called Sodom (18+)

Must Read: The Office Called Sodom (18+)… Part 4

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I was soon told a day after, that the first six ladies who had tried approaching or seducing Nicholas after his Joystick-size news broke out, were only embarrassed and turned down flatly by him


It was a Wednesday morning the day I went to his office to see him. As part of the plan, I had to wear a bare-it-all-in-the-back skirt! In front it looked like a skirt but behind, my bare Buttocks was sticking out of the hole created at the rare side of the skirt! Given that I had no panties on, my Kittycat always comes into view as I walked! I had worn it to the office twice before but hadn’t done so since Nicholas joined us.

As part of the plan, I had to wear a bare-it-all-in-the-back skirt! In front it looked like a skirt but behind, my bare Buttocks was sticking out of the hole created

As soon as I stepped into his office, it was the first thing he stuck his eyes on, as I said hi walking across his desk to the desk of his partner Prince just in front. He replied and equally told me Prince was not around when I asked about the guy. I told him I was going to wait for him but while I did, I tried striking up a conversation with him. I also began playing seduction, allowing him views of my thighs and bare Kittycat, all in a bid to get him interested in my motive! He was fairly responsive and would cast a glance in-between my legs now and again! He would also look at me in the eyes as though to ascertain if I was really aware of how blatantly spread my thighs were! To this, I will slightly smile while spreading them even further! I was rightly pleased when he had a reason to stand from his desk for that was when I got to see that his was responding to my dirty tricks quite well! His unmistakably long Joystick, was visibly forming a tent on the right leg of his trousers! Despite his efforts to conceal it with the paper-file he had in his hand, I still got to see it all! I was soon creaming my vulva!

Incidentally, I got the shock of my life, when Nicholas suddenly asked me to leave as he had work to do! It came like a blow because this was the same dude who was obviously being entertained by my nudity and even had to hide an evident hard-on! Why he would suddenly turn very arrogant confounded me. Thankfully, Prince appeared just about then and after feigning he was the one I actually visited and having a little talk with him, I left their office amid a spell-bound Prince who couldn’t tear away his eyes from my Unclad swinging Buttocks all the way! However, this was the moment and I was set to deal with Nicholas! I never ever felt he would turn me down and in such an embarrassing manner! With what I had in mind, he was going to be very lucky if he finished work the next day the same way he visited the office! That was my resolve.

And my threat, I did accomplish! I was dressed in another micro-mini skirt the following day and had a bust-displaying blouse to match! The push-up bra I wore meant my Bosom looked like they would drop out any moment! As I walked to my office that morning, everybody kept whistling and hailing me – speaking about how they wished they could F**K me right then!

Unfortunately, I was too annoyed to respond as I was rather more interested in Nicholas coming to work, as the outfit was totally worn with him in mind. Thankfully, he arrived in no time and briskly walked across the reception into the east corridor for his office. Knowing he was around now meant I was going to keep an eye on him, expecting him to show up again soon. This he did just about an hour after as he walked out of the east corridor and over to the restroom. He barely said a word to the group who had gathered there at the reception to gist, and while I was supposed to be there, it was part of my plan to join them as soon as Nicholas surfaced!

“Where do you think you are going to young man?…”, I enquired as I abruptly joined the reception just as Nicholas made it across my gisting co-workers for the east corridor

He turned, smiled and waved his head. But as soon as he tried to resume walking again, I made for his belt – grabbing it, I pulled him back! All to the amazement of the gathered people there. They were probably thinking I wanted to fight him but were rightly stunned when I grabbed his Joystick which was surprisingly half-erect, by his fly! He screamed and jumped!

To Be Continued…

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