-The Office Called Sodom (18+)

Must Read: The Office Called Sodom (18+)… Part 2

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Almost all of us were shocked – not by his apparent shamelessness, but by the enormous size of his Joystick, for someone who was in his mid 50’s! Hilariously enough, Mrs. Funke still refused the invite amid shouts of ‘try him na!’ from the rest of us! Anyways, that was only just to distract us from what followed. For I later caught them at the store during lunch break, fucking the living daylight out of themselves! – Mrs. Funke who had been playing hard-to-get had one of her legs raised to the wall asking Mr. Okon to F**K her faster with his big Joystick! I hid behind the door while taking the time to ferociously rub my Kittycat as I watched them Pour numerous times in ecstasy!

With the way the office was now set, everybody came to work looking forward to getting laid! I came to work with a pack of condoms almost every time knowing that I was only always an instant away from being blatantly screwed by a male staff or a female even. I never wore panties and even brassieres and since my Bosom were still very firm, they would stand confidently, poking through any cloth I was putting on by my taut Tips, as it’s material hugs my skins! Having a Unclad Kittycat underneath meant that all I needed to do was lift a skirt or gown to allow an interested dude to insert a burgeoning dickhead! We had no boundaries and no particular attachments to each other.

Even the Mr. Okon who was fucking Mrs. Funke a few days before, was in my pants before the new week was over! I personally had seen to his seduction as I became unequivocally interested in his big black Joystick as soon as I saw it for the first time! He himself, was prepared and had his condom sachets stacked in his own wallet too.

Same was with the other staff; we all were always hoping for a F**K or two before work was over! And on times when the ladies felt they were not getting enough look-in, they began doing things that would definitely attract the dudes. It was either a situation where all the girls would keep displaying their Unclad cunts under their skirts by spreading their legs without shame consistently, or unbutton their tops claiming they were sweaty and needed to fan themselves.

In fact, I remember a certain Cynthia – we called her Cici; that had to come to work with baby oil smeared all over her heavy Bosom! The Bosom were so outrageously displayed by the plunging neckline of the shirt she was wearing – of which she still left three or more buttons open; that you would think her Tips would spill out! Needless to say what followed as soon as she arrived the office! Kevin, who was only just an intern, dipped his hand into her plunging cleavage and grabbed the alluring melons! They F***ed themselves more than 5 times right at the reception, before work was over! And Tobechi, who we called Busty – because of her enormous Bosom, encouraged them by going topless and swirling and swinging her Bosom all over the place to the delight and entertainment of everybody! Weirdly enough, she was the general office receptionist and paraded the reception the whole day without any top; not even a bra!

What kept cofounding everyone was the person of our Boss – Mr. Festus Obim, under whose watch all these were happening! He always told us he was a liberal man and never believed in being restricted by some silly self-rule called ‘norm’! I was told he was the first person to ever openly discuss s*x in the office with his staff and even went further to exemplify his stand by holding threesomes and foursomes with his secretaries and cleaners right within the office!

and even went further to exemplify his stand by holding threesomes and foursomes with his secretaries and cleaners right within the office!

It was an unbelievable world! When I joined newly, he used to partake in our dirty chitchats, and would even play around with his hands right before everybody, fondling and grabbing staff boobies and asses! On one particularly remarkable occasion, he allowed the newest girl in our midst to give him a blow job and then ride his Joystick! As they did so, we applauded and cheered them – while the dudes who couldn’t bear the stimulation, brought out their dicks and wanked them until they spilled their seed!

To Be Continued…

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