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Must Read: The Key Palaver… Part 13

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Mum looked intensely at her from the bed, “Have you been crying? Your face looks swollen.”

“No mum but…”

“It’s okay, you just have to brighten up… sit down, I will like to chat with you.” Mum quickly said.

Now this was definitely strange. How was Ada going to have a mother daughter chat with mum? That would be weird, she had never seen mum from that angle. What will they talk about? This was something she wasn’t used to and didn’t even know what to say. She would have taken it easier if mum had come to shout on her and call her names for being pregnant.

Something wasn’t just right, Ada noted. She sat down, looking at her palms.

“For how long now have you noticed that you were pregnant?” Mum softly asked.

This melted Ada’s spirit. She looked up at mum and surprisingly could hold the stare. She suddenly saw herself as a child,

“I have been late for three days and it has been bugging me.” She replied, her eyes pleaded for help.

Mum could see it.

Mum felt really bad all over again. She didn’t even know the dates that surround her daughter’s monthlies. What kind of mother was she? What good was she then expecting from them if she couldn’t just play her part as a mother?

But she was a bit hopeful that Ada might not be pregnant after all. “What has been bothering for the past three days? She asked.

“I don’t know mum, I …”

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t scold you,” mum encouraged her.

“I had unprotected sex with… my boyfriend the last time I wasn’t safe and it had gotten me scared all these while; I have been anticipating my period even before now.”

Mum continued to stare at her, but there was no trace of anger in her face. “Ada, I must be honest, I have always suspected that you were sexually active and I am very sorry that I didn’t do anything about it. The problem now is that you are doing it without protecting yourself. Why are you taking such risk?” she gently asked.

“I… I don’t know mum, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“You are too young to make sex your priority; you obviously cannot handle it. As you can see it is capable of distracting you from your focus in life and by the time you know it, it is already too late as time waits for no one.”

Mum really felt good saying those words to her. “Now you are not even protecting yourself, you could contact HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. Presently, pregnancy could be knocking on your door. I am sure that you can now see that the risk you have been taking is not worth it.”

Mums words were really affecting Ada. Painful tears started to flow from her eyes, “I am very sorry mum, I didn’t know what got over me. I didn’t think anybody cared and got carried away by frustrations. I allowed myself to be deceived by Mike and…” her sobs couldn’t allow her finish.

Mum could now see it, there was an unconscious and uncontrollable desire in her that wanted her to hurt her parents for neglecting her, and the best way was by hurting herself. None of this was actually Ada’s fault, mum thought, she and dad were to blame.

“It’s okay now,” mum said and held her onto her bosom, it felt good to have her baby back. “I promise that you won’t feel neglected again, I will always be here for you. Don’t cry.” She allowed Ada to cry for some time, “Now I want you to promise me that you will start acting accordingly, No more missing lectures for anything, you party with only my permission, I want to know who your boyfriend is, bring your friends home and make me a part of your life. Can you do that?”

“Yes mum, I will try,” Ada answered, wondering how she could fulfill the promise.

“Don’t worry, we will work together to bring you to the right path, and I will also like to learn some new tricks you girls have nowadays, you know I am already old fashioned?”

This got Ada smiling, “You are not old fashioned mum, you are still young and beautiful,” she said, surprised at how easy that came out from her mouth. This wasn’t going to be difficult afterall.

Mum sighed heavily, “Ok, I want you to have a rest, relax you mind and allow nothing to trouble you.” She stood up and headed for the door, she remembered that Ada’s mobile phone was still with her since dad had given it to her to read the dreadful text message. “I wouldn’t like to see something that might spoil my day,” she said as she handed it back to her. “I will be preparing food for everyone with your dad in the kitchen.”

Now this astonished Ada, “With dad?” she asked.

“Yes, and I will call you when we are through.” Mum winked at mum and shut the door behind her.

The mobile phone rang in Ada’s hand just as mum closed the door; it was Mike.

“I really can’t talk to you now,” she spoke to the phone without interest. Yes, I said I will come but I didn’t and you’d better start getting used to that,” she rudely spoke to the obviously angry Mike at the other end. Some she felt good, she finally could say how she felt or what she wanted without fear of rejection.


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