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Must Read: The Force Of Family

This is another new short story written by Peter….

It was a sun drenched angelic beach, the sunlight glittered on every grain of sand. Warm golden sand ran through Peter’s leg as he walked along the shores of the rippling water, he watched the blue oceans crash against the cliffs as the seagulls gleefully fly in circles,
it was a beautiful day. He walked on enjoying the soft sand running through his toes with gentle breeze, it was christmas and he was spending it with loved ones. There was this inner peace he felt, a graceful feeling, it was the season of love and love was what he felt
indeed. Hands buried in his pocket he walked slowly with a smile drawn on his face, he picked up a shiny sea-shell washed off to the sea shore by the rippling waters, wondering if he would understand the language of the sea with sea-shell pressed to his ear, he threw the shell back into the sea, it was better-off home than on the shores. He stopped momentarily to breathe in the delicious air, it smelt of love, happiness and a fresh start. Everyone at the beach was in high spirit, young men playing ball inside the water, ladies bathing themselves in the sun, children amused by the horses running past and mothers cautious of their children running off with the horses, it was though everyone had taken a shot of happiness, they were all gleeful and that made him happy. He ran his hands through his hair as he went on reminiscing on the past years, christmas was like every other christmas, the normal routine of waking up, family devotion, killing of unfortunate chickens, pounding of yams, serving guests and clearing up after every well wisher had gone, it was a boring routine and he looked forward to a change, a difference, something exciting, something like today. He walked towards a suya joint and waited for the aboki as he was already attending to a customer before he got there, when it was his turn he ordered for N3000 worth, he paid and had the suya neatly wrapped and placed in a nylon as he began to walk back, he walked on the shores of the sea, a bit farther so as to feel the cold carress of water on his skin.

As he walked on he beheld a familiar sight, a familiar sight that made him smile and got his heart heavy with happiness and love, even cupid’s bow would be ineffective now, a familiar of sight of family. In the light of recent events he never thought a social gathering like this would be possible, resentments encapsuled everyone to solitude, communication was almost never possible, anchored in bitter memories to the past this future almost seemed impossible, the feud between their fathers was transcending unto them as most of the resentful memories they had about each other was fertiled on the dispute between their fathers, but love is stronger than every other feeling, it is the greatest force and virtue, it is everything. As children from the same blood they were tethered to each other, drawn to each other by a familial bond they were going to break the chains of estrangement, the shield of love repelled the transcension of feudalism, and also cleansing the bitterness. Now here they were, together on the beach, the whole family basking in the warmth of the sun, the reason for the season is love, the reason for their gathering is love. The hearty sound of laughter greeted him as he walked back towards his family, with a smile on his face and a gladness in his heart he looked up at the seagulls again flying up in circles, at the blue ocean rocked by the waves, everything was beautiful and perfect, indeed family is where life begins and love never ends, it is what everyone holds on it because in the end it is all that matters.

***** THE END*****



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