-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 62

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The DVC stuttered..

Prof Agbaide : young lady, who are you, what do you want and how did you find me?

Me: I am here as regards Jafar?

Prof Agbaide: who is Jafar?

I brought out Jafar’s gun from my purse…

The renowned professor of Maths and Statistics fell on the bed..

Me: any other wrong answer and you get a bullet..

Prof Agbaide : Who was he to you?

Me: My life…

Prof Agbaide : I am sorry, please…please…I have a wife and kids…little children…please spare my life….

Me : why did you order for him to be killed?

Prof Agbaide: It wasn’t my making, it was orders from above…it was beyond my power…I am a Christian, I didn’t support the move.

Me: I have all the messages you exchanged with the cops, you even described him and the car he drove…

Prof Agbaide : I was just following orders..

Me: So you would be the Vice-Chancellor?

Prof Agbaide: that wasn’t the ultimate aim, the school was going in the wrong direction, Jafar and his guys were the stumbling block.

Me: National would probably have won and given you the mandate you required..

Prof Agbaide : Even with National, Jafar was still a problem..

Me : so you killed my best Friend, Abayomi… and Jafar?

Prof Agbaide: I didn’t kill them, I was just following the script..

Me: Good

Prof Agbaide : Now that Jafar and Eli are dead, we can start afresh…I am influential enough to make you the next SUG president. Believe me!

Me: are you serious?

Prof Agbaide : Yes

Me: wont that be lovely?

Prof Agbaide : I will give you 3million Naira cash too..

Me: you are generous sir…do you know people think you have been kidnapped or even killed in Ago-iwoye.

Prof Agbaide : I just wanted to stay out of the politics for a while, you know I told you I am a Christian..i was tired of the deaths..

The image of the girls with him earlier flashed through my mind, I smiled at the Christian..

Me: No problem…

Prof Agbaide : Thank you my daughter, what department are you in? I promise you that you will graduate with a 2’1. Truthfully…

Me: You are far too kind sir…

Prof Agbaide: it’s my pleasure dear…just put down the gun…

I did as I was told. I could see the smile of victory spread across his face.

I started to leave the room..

Prof Agbaide : don’t leave like this, let me give you money..

Me: don’t worry…I am okay…

Uche and “Last-Born” were waiting by the balcony as I stepped out..I walked down to the Hilux to wait for them, in about ten minutes, they joined me. “Last-Born” was holding something wrapped in a piece of cloth..

Me: Uche, wetin “Last-Born” dey put inside booth?

Uche : Na the man head, we no wan waste bullet on top the pig..

Me: Oh…

“Last-Born” joined Uche in front as we drove back to Ago-iwoye..


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