-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 48

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I realised what Timi had been telling me was the best thing to do. I couldn’t just shack up here with this guys, so I packed my things and planned to tell Jafar that I would have to leave his apartment and remain incognito till he all these sorted out. Since most students had left, the Town sounded a tad quieter. So when the volks-wagon with loud speakers on it that advertised local herbs around Ago-iwoye was passing by, it was pretty loud…when it came closer, I realized I was wrong. My heart started beating fast, it wasn’t a volks-wagon, and the speakers were blaring something I was very familiar with…


I locked the door in the room, I could hear the guys in the living room but that gave me little solace. I picked up my phone to call Jafar, but he didn’t pick up…I called Timi..

Timi: whatsup…?

Me: I am fine..i think Eli is in Ago..around the house

Timi: How did you know that?

Me: I just know!…i am scared..

Timi: I am in Ijebu-Ode now, I will come to town very soon..

Me : thanks, hurry!..

I could still hear the sound, I hoped I was getting crazy. My phone rang, it was Jafar.

Jafar: sorry, I missed your call..

I explained everything to him, he told me the lock myself in and not open the door for anyone except I hear his voice or Uche’s.

After he hung up, I dashed to the kitchen and picked up the sharpest knife I saw, I went back to the room and locked myself in.

When I heard someone knocking my door, 20 minutes later, and my heart was almost in my mouth. Then I heard his voice, telling me he was the one.

As soon as I saw him, I jumped at him, he was quick to carry me and regain his balance or we would have fallen, I caught a whiff of brandy under his breathe.

Jafar : I brought supper, fish and wine…would you like to eat with me in my room?

Me: yes..

He carried me inside his room, I was a frown woman and all, but I didnt mind being carried.

Not even with the other guys staring at me.

He laid me down on his centre rug and lay down beside me, we were both facing his ceiling with our backs to the ground.

Jafar : if you are scared, you can sleep in my room tonight, are you scared?

Me: will you be sleeping here too?

Jafar: yes..

Me: I am scared..

Me: tell me how it started

Since the fish was peppery, we sat up and rested our backs against the wall. The air-conditioner was on, so he tossed me a blanket to cover my folded legs. I had earlier sent Timi a text not to come for me.

Jafar: how what started?

Me: how you joined a confraternity

Jafar: you really want me to bore you?

Me: I can’t ask you about how the thingy with Eli is going, at least I can ask you this one..

He looked at me, I looked back with an encouraging smile.

Jafar : I was approached by some guys while I was shooting pool in the permanent site, one guy and Eli, they said I should leave the snooker table for them. The friend I was with left me there, he didn’t want their problem. Eli and his friend asked me if I was mad and didn’t know I should do as I was told. I wasn’t just in the mood for rubbish that day, so once again I ignored them. After threatening me for a while, they asked me for my number, I declined. Eli gave me his and said I should call them whenever I wanted to, that I was the kind of person they were looking for. I forget about the encounter until one evening like that. There is this girl I had been seeing, a Jambito like myself. I didn’t know she was dating another guy that was a spirit-man. I was with the girl, a 200L student, when my door was forced open kicks. Five guys entered the room with sticks.

They beat me black and blue that night. The girl kept apologizing to the head of the team, that I was just a guy she met at the campus.

After they left with the girl, I checked myself into a hospital. Few weeks later, I tracked down the guy. I went to his house and hoped to inflict pain on him too but as I got in, I was surrounded by more guys. They beating I got the first time was nothing compared to this one..

I couldn’t help myself, I started laughing. It was the first time I laughed since Abayomi died.

Me: sorry for laughing..

Jafar laughed too, and filled my glass with more wine..

Me: please continue

Jafar: so I checked back into the hospital, but this time…I called Eli and explained everything to him. It didn’t take long before more than a dozen guys came into my ward. They were looking deadly, infront of them was Eli. He told them I would be taken care of, my bills and all.

He also promised me those guys will be dealt with as soon as I got out.

Me: so when you were out of the hospital, you guys went for them?

Jafar: Oh, yes we did. And it was a cool day.

Me: you and Eli were close?

Jafar: not really, but for about 2months, he was my mentor, until he was booted out. The funny thing is that he joined the group that he had saved me from.

Me: wow…that was some story..

Jafar : you should sleep now..

Me: do you have any regrets being in a confraternity?

Jafar: truthfully?

Me : Yes

Jafar : sometimes, when people use their powers to oppress. But sometimes I am so glad.

We hae perpetual cases were we help people get justice. For instance, a girl breaks u with her boyfriend, and she tells him to pay her all the money he owes her so she can write her exams, he doesn’t, he beats her instead. She reports to us, we appear at her boyfriend’s place, he pays the next week. Or a lecturer is using s*x as a medium for a pass, we visit his wife…he adjusts. Plenty cases like that. But we have bad eggs among us…plenty unfortunately.

Me: do you have a girlfriend?

Jafar: is that part of it?

Me: just answer?

Jafar: no..though I have girls..

Me : why?

Jafar: because it’s not safe for them. The easiest way to get to a guy is through his loved ones..

Me: true..

Jafar: how is Timi..?

I suppressed a giggle…the wine was working…

Me: Ijebu-ode

Jafar: good…you might need to go be with him..

Me : why?

Jafar: Eli knows you are here…Eli is coming…

Me: then let’s leave together, find a new place..

Jafar: I am the leader of my group, I remain here..


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