-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 37

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i was making jollof sphag and boiled eggs for Timi and i for dinner. He wanted to spend another night in my house, i was liking the idea.

while he was watching Californication, i was in the kitchen, i decided to call Jafar to check up on him.

Jafar : Hey…

me : hi…

Jafar : you just remembered me….

The baga did not know i had been thinking of him since hearing of Eli..

Me : lol, how is Uche and the rest of your guys?

Jafar : we are good, how are you?

Me : im good…

There was a weird silence before he spoke…

Jafar : is there something you want to tell me?

Me : Jafar, Abayomi told me about Eli…i am scared..

Jafar : oh…dnt worry, we will take care of things…you shouldnt stay alone though…how about staying with Toun?

Me : Im not alone

Jafar : You are with another friend?

me : yes, i am with Timi

Jafar : oh…He will be spending the night?

me : yes….

If the earlier silence was weird, this was worse….i didnt know why i felt guilty, Jafar could have like 3 girls in his bed now…

Jafar : nice then, cool to have someone take care of you…

me : How is fatima and her friends?

Jafar : they are good. Time for me to sleep…my regards to Timi…

me : Goodnight…

After the call i climbed into bed with Timi..he wrapped me in his arms as we both watched Tv. my fingers went through the bristles of his hair when i remembered that i hadnt gone to see Kofo.. I immediately picked up my phone to call her but she didnt pick..After a couple more tries, i stopped and went to bring the food from the kitchen…As we ate, i spoke to Timi..

Me : so has Annie been trying to reach you. You guys spoke on the phone?

Timi : nope. why ask?

Me : i dont want to be left in the dark

Timi : no dear…i wont keep anything from you…

Me : honesyly Timi, are we going to win this election?

Timi : Yes…though its a tight race, im sure we will pull through…

Me : I really do hope so, we have come a long way…

Timi cleared the dishes after we finished eating, i was too lazy to wash the plates. promised myself to wash them before classes tomorrow….

I went to the bathroom,to take my bath. hoping that Timi would have slept before i finished. i was trying as much as possible not to have s*x with him so soon. Lord knows i wanted it badly..

The cold water from the shower hit my skin with the sweetness of bursting freedom, with my shower cap on, i stood beneath the shower for a while, then i started washing my body, starying with my neck, then breastz downwards…my face always came last….with soapy hands, i closed my eyes to wasjy face…i heard a sound, opening my eyes…i saw Timi standing close to me….Unclad too. he came closer, beneath the shower were i stood….

me : what are you doing here?

Timi. : guys have to take a shower too…

i wanted to talk again when he lifed me and drove my back to the wall…his mouth found mine,withy eyes closed, my tongue tasted his, the water from the shower setting a tone in the backgroud…His cupped my bum my laps spread wide around his slim waste….

I took his Tip in my mouth and sucked at it a little….then i went to the other one, that drove him crazy with moans emanating from his lips…his fore finger found its way into me..i could feel it filling up places that had been,empty in a while

..His thumb rubbed against my clits…even with the cold water on my body, the warmt of my wetness spreading to my laps was noticeable…

He placed me down infront of him. i knelt down and tool his throbbing Joystick in my hand….after caressing it alongside his balls, i took it in my mouth….first the cap then slowly down the shaft..He was breathing loudly now…hand tweaked my Tips…After a while he could take no more…. i was dripping too… gently nudged me so i was on my back with the shower just above us, splashing away…..

My legs were wide open when his Joystick touched the outer part of my Vee….with one movement he would have been in when i stopped him…

me : I think we should stop….

Timi : why? you want it as much as i do….its been a while dear….please…

i pushed him away….rinsed my body and left him in the bathroom….He came out some minutes later….

Timi : what happened in there?

me: nothing. i think we should wait a bit…..

Timi : why? we aint stangers nkem……

me : i know bby, i just think we should go slow….

I fell into bed, he came beside me and held me in his arms….

Timi : i will wait….i love u…

me : awwww….i love you too….

my phone rang, i knew he was calling me about Kofo….

me : my oga, this weekend i wil prepare semo and bring for you….

i was really feeling guilty…..

Abayomi : Kofo died this evening, she attempted an abortion….

me: Abayomi, i am so sorry….it wasnt your fault. dont blame yourself…..

He hung up….


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