-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 33

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Due to numerous stops on the road, we got back to Ogun-state pretty late..Abayomi chaperoned me all through the journey. He didn’t even allow me utter a simple ‘thank you’ to Jafar as soon as we were dropped at Toun’s apartment. He ushered Toun and I in while he helped us carry our bags. I realized something had changed. I knew I should have felt lucky to have a friend that was having my back, but I felt he should have taken me for my word more.

Me: Abayomi, you should have allowed them drop me at my place atleast

Abayomi: I am sorry, I thought you would want to sleep here

Me: nope..i miss my bed..

Abayomi: let me call a cab guy for you

Me: cab abi Okada will do just fine…

Less than 20minutes, the supposedly called Cab guy knocked the door. Timi’s ashen face welcomed me as I opened the Toun’s metallic door.

Me: what are you doing here Timi?

Timi: Abayomi told me you need a ride home, I am at your service.

Me: I didn’t tell him to call you, I can get home by myself..

Toun came out of the bathroom with a towel tied round her chest..

Toun: ha..Timi, howfar?

Timi: I am good, how was your trip?

Toun: fine Jare, you came to help Tana? thanks..

Me: he doesn’t need to help me, I already called Nathaniel, he is on his way..

Toun: Tana, follow Timi.. When Naetochukwu comes, I will tell him she has left. Her bag is the blue one on my bed..

Timi hurriedly carried my bag to his car and sat there, waiting for me. I hugged both Abayomi and Toun and bade them goodnight..

Timi drove in silence, I was hoping it would continue that way until he popped a question..

Timi: what is the Naetochukwu thingy all about?

Me: none of your business

Timi: what of the Jafar trip?

Me: none of your business too..

Timi: what is all this hostility about?

Me: does Annie even know her boyfriend is here?

Timi: we are broken up..

Me: are a smooth liar though, I give that to you…

He didn’t reply me until we got to my apartment. As I opened the door, I notice he wanted to come in, so I stood my ground..

Me: goodnight Timi, thanks for the ride..

Timi: can I come in..

Me: no, absolutely not..

He carried me effortlessly off my feet, I started pushing him to let me go but it wa fruitless..he dropped me on my bed..

Me: what do you want?

Timi: a listening ear..

Me: you are in the wrong place..

TImi: just hear me out..

I went to my fridge and took a satchet of Nutri-C, I made a glass of the orange drink as he sat down on the bed and started talking..

Timi: before we started dating, I and Annie dated briefly…it was more like a fling that was why I never told you. But the guy that she broke off with o come to me was still in her heart, so after a few weeks, she went back.

After lecture, one afternoon like that, I got a text from Annie that I should see her at Mini-campus. By then you and I were already dating.

I met her and she told me something that changed everything..

Me: what?

Timi: she told me she was pregnant for me and she wasn’t ready to abort it..

I was speechless for a while, I never could imagine Annie pregnant..

Me: so where is the baby?

TImi: I told her I couldn’t force her to abort it but I felt it would be in our best interest if she did..

Me: so?

Timi: after some days, she came back and told me I would have to take responsibility for the baby and all. I told her there was no problem and I would have to tell you, because it was eating me up, we quarreled a bit , her qualms was that I wanted to tell you that she was pregnant and all the girls in the school would know about it from you..i told her you weren’t like that…so she went off in a rage. The next time I hear from her, she had done an abortion.

Me: I am not yet getting you..

Timi: I couldn’t date you without telling you all the poo that had gone down, and if I told you..i would be breaking the promise I made to her not to tell anybody.

Me: so you chose her over us?

TImi: I chose her dignity and my word..

Me: so afterwards you decided to start straffing her again, probably planning for another baby?

Timi: I thought I owed it to her to stand by her, somehow something led to the other, you started dating Acho and I just remained with her..

Me: how convenient of you to blame me..

Timi: I am not blaming you…I am telling you the truth..

Me: so why now, why tell me the truth now?

TImi: because you belong to me, and I should have just told you everything from the beginning…

Me: you should have..

There were tears streaming down his eyes..he looked so fragile, I wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be alright..but I was hurting too..he should have told me all these, it would have given us some closure..

Me: so what do you want now?

TImi: I want us back, I am done with Annie… believe me..

Me: but I don’t think I am ready for a relationship right now , dating you isn’t even in my plan..

Timi: do you still love me?

I kept quiet for a while…he looked at me with those beautiful eyes,,

Me: yes I still love you..

TImi: please give me a chance..

Instead of replying, I held him and he rested his head on my breastz..i told him he could stay the night..afterall..this was Timi..i put off the light and went to lock my door..

Through the window, I saw a car pull out from the front of my apartment into the night.

It was the Volvo.


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