-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 32

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The smell of the marijuana blended with the cold breeze of the AC. I tossed and turned on my bed, thinking of the guy that had just left my room. I started imagining him with his Hausa girls. I wondered if he was ramming Fatima there and then. I started feeling the effects of the weed. I felt light like I was slightly elevated; this must be the reason why they described the feeling as ‘highness’.

I heard a knock on my door. I was so excited I almost tripped as I rushed to the door. Jafar must have been thinking about me as I was of him. Perhaps the Malo girls had left..

I opened the door to see a sleep deprived Toun, with a wrapper covering her bosoms to her feet.

I was disappointed.

Toun: I am sleeping in your room

Me: what happened, your bed not big enough for you too?

Toun: Your friend Abayomi is just insatiable.

Without an invite, she went to my bed and laid down.

Me: I don’t get..

Toun: shortly after he came in, I switched off the TV so we could sleep. I heard him snoring afterwards, that mixed with the slight cramp I heard made it difficult for me to sleep. I was on my own when the fool woke up and started caressing my breastz. I thought it was just for the moment and sleep will catch up with him, then he pulled out his thing, took my hand and placed it on it. I blamed it on the alcohol and did what he wanted. That should have satisfied him abi? No o… in no time he grabbed my head

I nudged it to his Joystick. I teased, sucked, licked this guys Joystick till my mouth started hurting. I felt his pre-expulsion, salty and all then I stopped. He got furious, asking why I should stop when he was about to Pour. I told him I was ON, things irritate me more. I reminded him that I had no probs getting his Pour in my mouth, sometimes I even swallow…

Me: Toun, too much information..

Toun: sharrap!.. he started getting into fits, so I left..

Me: can I sleep now?

Toun: what are you even doing awake sef?

Didn’t expect you to open the door..

Me: Jafar came around.

Toun sat up immediately, the tatafo part of her brain was hyper.

Toun: so gist me na, what happened?

Me: nothing

Toun: what did he come for, salt?

We both laughed..

Me: we gisted and smoked igbo!

Toun: that boy is mad o, you shouldn’t have let him in..

Me: he is gentle, he wouldn’t hurt me..

Toun: you sound so sure

Me: yes I am..

Toun: so you didn’t kiss or anything?

Me: nope

Toun: thank God…

Me: don’t start thanking God yet..i didn’t say we would not.

Breakfast was bread and eggs, served in the dining room. The three Hausa girls joined Abayomi, Toun and I. I wanted to ask where Jafar and the remaining guys were but decided against it. There was a weird silence on the table. I was looking at Fatima, trying to get clues that she had been properly serviced.

Abayomi was still suffering from a Hang-over so he took only coffee. Toun’s cramps had reduced so she was in a better mood.

Abayomi volunteered to take us to Garki market. Fatima and her crew declined the invitation, saying they wanted to be around when Jafar came around. I deliberated if I should have stayed around like them.

The taxi we boarded from Lugbe to Garki told us his fare was 1,500 Naira, Abayomi had earlier intimated us that cab fare in Abuja was relatively cheaper compared to Lagos. We drank Fura and ate very sweet Suya at Rita-Lori Junction, a bee-line from Apo bridge. Although the market was big, we didn’t get anything useful to buy, most of the feminine wares were from Lagos, Onitsha or Aba. Instead of calling it a fruitless journey, we went to Silver-bird Galleria to window shop. I noticed Abayomi and Toun were back to normal…if these two didn’t marry themselves, life would be unfair I said to myself..

Toun: Tana, were would you like to settle down in future? I am really liking Abuja o..

Me: I will stick to Lagos

Toun: you don’t like Abuja?

Me: I do but I was born in Lagos, Lagos is my state of birth, beside’s Imo, I don’t mind taking up arms to defend Lagos.

Abayomi: Lagos ke, omo Nna like you..

He turns to Toun

Abayomi: so baby, you would really want us to reside in Lagos?

Toun: you and who?

Abayomi: both of us now

Toun: you are tricking yourself; you know you and I won’t end up together..

Abayomi: even your father with him big belle cannot stop us!

Toun: even your short mother?

Abayomi: even your mother’s witch-craft..

Toun: I love you boo-boo

Abayomi: as soon as this your red robot is off, your kinikan is in trouble..

Toun: chairmoo..

Now..i like my friends very much, but when they start talking like I am not there, it makes me angry..

Me: hello….single girl alert!..stop all this affection..

Abayomi: na me say make you no get boyfriend?

Toun: oya shut up Abayomi..

Me: let him talk…Naetochukwu is waiting for me in school

Abayomi: hehehehehe… desperado.. you know you want Timi

Toun: boo..i hate you very much

Abayomi: Tana, this is 2007, you can ask Timi out..

Me: why not suggest Acho

Timi: that one time don pass, but that boy service you well o..him sabi suck boobi?

I kept quiet, luckily Toun answered him..

Toun: yes na, he sucks boobi well…

Abayomi: do you know?

Toun: ode boy…

Abayomi: ode girl…

Toun: I love you sha…

Abayomi: me too dearie..

I could suffocate..these idiots turned everything to romance..

Toun: Abayomi, Tana is liking Jafar o..

Abayomi: how can you like a cultist?

I ignored them and walked to a boutique at the left wing of the mall..

Abayomi followed me with an angry frown on his face..

Abayomi: how can you like a cultist I said!
Weren’t you the one that was against us accepting his money?

Me: well that was before I met him

Abayomi: so you admit that you like him..

What I thought was anger in Abayomi’s face was actually concern, he was worried about me..

Me: it was just an attraction, not even a crush, I will get over it..

Abayomi: promise me you will very soon?

Me: I promise

Abayomi: Promise me you won’t let him touch you?

Me: but you are not my father Abayomi

Abayomi: Tana, I want you to promise me..

Me: why?

Abayomi: those guys are dangerous..i know what I am saying..

Toun: Jafar won’t hurt her, though I rather she sticks to Nathaniel..

Me: is this like an intervention?

Abayomi: Please..

Me: okay..i have heard you..

The next day as the convoy drove to Ogun-state, Abayomi insisted on sitting with Jafar, Sparrow carried Toun and I in the volvo..Uche and Aji were in the Hilux..


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