-The Devil Who Loved Me

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I know a couple of guys that would have sat on the bed as they entered the room, but I must give Jafar the award of the gentleman ‘Confra’ of the year because he took the chair of the dresser and sat down.

My phone rang, I wondered who would be calling this late until I saw the name..

Me : hey

Timi: I have been trying to call you, bad network perhaps..

Me: yh..

Timi: though you would be asleep now..

Me: nope

Timi: this one that you are answering me one by one…are you with someone?

I looked at Jafar, his eyes were on me..somehow, I felt he understood my conversation…

Me: yes

Timi: who?

Me: none of your business..

Timi: Tana don’t do this to me, let’s not do what we will regret..

Me: stop getting the way, how is Annie?

Timi: I don’t know..

Me: I have to go now, sleep well..

Timi: what…one last thing..

Me: what?

Timi: I never stopped loving you.

Jafar was waiting with a glass of the red grape wine when I hung up, he passed it to me..

Jafar: I am sorry if I had caused any problem

Me: no jor..its alright…

Jafar: did you enjoy yourself?

Me: yes I did..

Jafar: so Abuja isn’t a bad idea right?

Me: not at all..

Jafar: can I ask you a question?

Me: sure..

Though I was fully clothed, I felt Unclad..

Jafar: do you think I like you?

I smiled but internally I was confused, so I did what any normal girl would do..

Me: what kind of question is that?

Jafar: nevermind…is Wednesday morning okay for departure?

Me: yes..

Jafar: I never told you that I was from Kano..

Me: yes I am sorry I lied, but your friend abi chic was doing ITK..

Jafar: so can I tell you about me now?

Me: yes, I would like that..

Jafar: can I smoke?

Me: sure….u have just 12minutes more..

He brought out a pre-wrapped weed…the bright glow and smell captured the room..

Jafar: I am from Kano…

I smiled…

Me: continue jor…

Jafar: My father is Alhaji Dangaladima, I am the only child of my mum…

Then he told me everything about his childhood, his schools, his family members….it was nice..

Me: what does your dad do?

Jafar: he is a government contractor..based in Kano..

Me: and your mum?

Jafar: she died shortly after giving birth to me..

Me: I am so sorry…

Jafar: why should you be sorry..i never even knew her…

I wanted to feel what he was feeling, but his expression was so unreadable…

Me: lemme smoke with you?

Jafar: commot there!..

Me: serious jor…

He passed me the weed.. as I puffed and passed it back to him.., I didn’t cough like they warned me I would when I smoked…it was harsh on my mouth so I pushed it down with a glass of wine…then it became beautiful..

Me: I want more…

He gave me and I dragged in deeper this time…

Jafar: I know you judge me as a cultist and all…

but I am just like every other guy you know…

With the things you are doing to my senses, no you aint!..i said to myself…

Me: I don’t judge you…

We passed the weed among ourselves as the grape wine’s richness melted in my mouth… everything became funny as I told him about myself too.. I even told him about Timi and I and how we broke up.

He had over-stayed his 15 minutes and seemed to realize, for he stood up and though my legs were wobbly, i escorted him to the door…

Jafar: can I ask you a question Tana?

Me: yes

Jafar: Do you think I like you?

Me: yes Jafar, I think you like me.

Jafar: goodnight…

Me: goodnight…

I was wet.


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