-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 25

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Aisha stayed in a four bedroom apartment that she shared with her friends. Outside the apartment, the smell of Marijuana was competing with oxygen. Music of MoHITS, the rave of the moment was blasting with gyration.

Cuz I want to dance with you pere…..

Omo ma lo rope mo kere……

If your boyfriend come mi ma mere….

Abayomi and Chukwudi saw people that knew them outside, so they left us to our whims. Like decent people that girls were and men will never be, we looked for Aisha to tell her happy birthday. Girls were already grinding their male counterparts to the sweet voice of Wande Cole.

I finally sighted Aisha..

Aisha: babes howfar, you guys made it..

We went for a hug. She was wearing what we called a micro-mini . her boyfriend, a student of Uni-LAG that spent most of his time in Ago..was hanging around her like a fly to poo. As food was one of my Forte, I left Toun and Aisha to continue with their small talks, whilke I went to look for edibles. I saw a tray of fried chiken in her kitchen . I picked a piece and wanted to munch it when I saw his familiar sweet face. He was sitting with a group of people arguing about Atiku’s chances in the election as a candidate for ACN. He must have seen me because he stood up abruptly and walked up to me.

Timi: you are looking hot

Me: you are not looking bad yourself..

He handed me a cup of ponch. If it were another guy, I would have rejected it, but it was Timi.

Timi: where is Toun and Abayomi?

Me: Toun is with Aisha, Abayomi is with Chukwudi..

Timi: you are with me

The fine boy was flirting with me..

Me: yes I am with you

Timi: come let’s dance..

He led me to the dancing area, the Dj changed the song to P-square’s “Do Me”. Timi didn’t waste time in spinning me around so that my shaking bum was against his jerking waist. His right hand was on my waist, ..he leaned to my ears and spoke:

Timi: are you seeing anyone?

Me: no…why?

Timi: I want you back, nkem

Me: like that?, I must look cheap.

Believe me, what my mouth was saying and what my waist was doing was different. I liked this boy too much.

Timi: no boo, I am crazy about you…I know you like me too..

Proud ..

Me: yes I like you, but I must know what happened the first time. Why you left me. I begged you like a slave, I almost ran mad. You didn’t blink. What did I do to you Timileyin?

I turned and faced him, looked at him and I swear I saw pain. My hand went around his shoulder as we danced along. That was when I saw the dark figure sitting down. If what I saw in Timi’s eyes was pain, what I saw in the dark figure’s eyes was unreadable.

Jafar’s eyes were blank as Timi held my waist to “ Lori le o di Gobe”.

Two girls were in other sides of him. They had red cups of what I suspected was ponch. Jafar didn’t seem to be drinking. I removed my eyes from his darkness and concentrated on Timi…or tried to concentrate.

Timi: we would talk about it tonight

Me: I will be glad

Timi: I hope you understand though

Me: why didn’t you explain to me while you were still with Annie?

Timi: when I explain, you would understand

I just quiet and allowed myself enjoy the song.

When I stole a glance at Jafar, he was gone,although his space was maintained as the girls sat in the opposite sides of his absence. The house was filled to the brim, twas like everybody turned up. I saw one of Jafar’s goon just a distance away, the one that led the assault on Acho. He was there to protect me, I felt protected as he smoked his cigarette and his eyes never left me.

Toun and Abayomi entered the house and started dancing immediately. You could see that they were crazy about each-other. As we both danced, I felt this was how it was supposed to be. I felt alive.

When Annie walked in with her pussycat dolls, I felt a bit awkward, Timi didn’t see her but I did.

She looked at me too, instead of the frown I expected, she smiled.

I had to take a breather so I went back to the kichen to eat another chiken. Toun followed me and the aproko in her was just annoying.

Toun: you and Timi back?

Me: no jor..

Toun: the way you were giving it to that poor boy, him Joystick go don dey pain am. You guys ought to straff o…just for old times’ sake

Me: you no get sense.

Toun: this chiken is the truth.

We munched and gisted about what the girls were wearing when we heard a sound that you shouldn’t hear in a party. The kitchen had a small store that was slightly opened. Toun went to peep, then came back smiling, she beckoned on me to join her in peeking. Though it was dark, we could see the girl holding the drum of water with bum shot backwards with the guy ramming her like his life depended on it.

National’s eyes were closed as he grabbed the bum he fuccked. Kofo’s moan was getting louder as she seemed to be cuming . I underrated the size of the girl’s ikebe swallowed National’s Joystick without preamble.

Toun and I ran like little kids to look for Abayomi so we can tell him about what we saw, as we ran we passed people drinking, some people smooching themselves at the doorway, we hadn’t searched for long when I saw something. Something I wished I never saw. I saw Timi talking to Annie at such close proximity, that any movement would have seen them enter each-other. He looked so embroiled in the discussion that he didn’t see me. But Annie saw me; she kissed him and held him tight. He held her too. I kept walking, I didn’t want Toun to see them. I didn’t want the pity.

Abayomi and Chukwudi were talking when Toun interrupted and whispered in his ears. I tried to act like I was still elated, but I wasn’t anymore.

I just wanted to drown. For the second time, Timi was breaking my heart.


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