-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 22

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Everytime I went to church that wasn’t catholic, I felt guilty. I was raised in a catholic home, but going for Mass here wasn’t something I wanted to do. So I had an agreement with God, I go to winners chapel like most students around here, then go for Mass when I am in Chief Dike’s house. Abayomi and Toun came to my house to pick me up.

Abayomi was the only person in the crew that didn’t hold a position in church. While Toun and I were Ushers, Timi was the drummer. But he came to church early because of Toun.

As usual, the songs and praise and choir ministration took place, with Timi’s drumming one of my favorite parts. Annie was in church too, looking all pretty and hot with white blouse and a blue skirt. I ushered her in with some of her friends. When the Pastor started preaching, I removed my eyes from Timi.

Pastor: members of my church, I am glad we are gathered today on another Sunday that has been provided by God. Many people that saw last Sunday didn’t see this one. If you are glad that you saw this Sunday, shout hallelujah!

The congregation shouted Halleluyah..some even stood up to wave their hands to God.

Pastor: today we are talking about Miracles that break protocol…somebody say ‘MIRACLE’ As the congregation replied again, the pastor continued , but he stammered after a while, staring at the an usher, I looked at the door too. I saw them

I didn’t know the first guy that entered the church nor the third to the fifth, but when Uche’s tall frame followed his colleagues in the straight file I knew who they were. They didn’t smile, infact they looked angry as they sat on a pew that I could have sworn was occupied but now seemed empty enough to accommodate them. I didn’t see Jafar, I concluded he was a muslim, ofcuz the name should have told me.

Then he entered.

Dressed in a green buba and sokoto, he walked gently, like the entire church was there because of him. He looked very good on the native with his gold chain glittering. It was like the entire church’s attention was on him, because the Pastor had to call back their attention.

Pastor: now if you open your bible to the book of Malachi…

Jafar sat inbetween the guys that came before him, they seemed to be sharing a joke among themselves because they were giggling inaudibly. Jafar just smiled.

Toun sent me a text message

Toun = isnt that Jafar

I replied her text

Me = yes o, him and his friends.

Toun: he doesn’t look like someone that should be in church.

I looked at her and we both smiled from the different rows we were managing.

Me = church is for everybody jor

Toun = I don’t know if its because he saved us, but I think I am crushing on him

Me: Na so dem dey crush, let Abayomi catch you.

She looked at me and laughed again.

I don’t know why, but I felt uneasy with Toun saying she had a crush on him…even if she was joking.


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