-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 20

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Jafar dropped us at Abayomi’s house.

I felt guilty that I had reprimanded him for providing me with protection.

As his Benz drove off, I thanked God for him. I thought of the Skanty, and even though I felt violated by him, I felt bad about what was going to happen to him.

But who was I to tell Jafar not to do what he wants?

Abayomi was overjoyed when we stepped in.

I actually saw tears of joys in his eyes as he carried Toun up..

Abayomi: I thought I would never see you guys again.

Toun: I love u.

Abayomi: I love you more.

Abayomi didn’t know that Toun knew he was bunking Kofo.

Well, it is said that se*x isnt an expression of love by guys, na we girls dey carry am for head.

Seeing them love-up, I thought of Timi, I so wanted to be in his arms right now..i didn’t realize I missed that silly boy so much.

It was as if Abayomi was reading my thoughts for he said, “Timi has been worried sick”

Me: I see.

He went to Ibogun to campaign to the engineering students, he wants to see you tonight.

Me: I want to sleep. Can I sleep in your house tonight?

Toun: ofcuz you can, Abayomi will sleep in the parlor..

Abayomi: but baby I want to hold you tonight

Toun: Tana and I will sleep in your bed period. If not for you we wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

I didn’t really want to deprive Abayomi of his girlfriend tonight, I know I wanted to be with Timi.

Me: I will sleep in the parlour

Toun: serious?

Me: yes, but you guys shouldn’t have that annoying noisy se*x o…keep it low..

Toun: ..

There was a knock on the door. My heart skipped as the happenings of the previous day jerked my chest.

Timi walked into the room with his beautiful face. He didn’t acknowledge the greetings of Abayomi nor Toun, he just walked up to me and kissed me.

Full on the lips…I let him.

Timi: what happened to you guys, where were you people?

Me: Abayomi didn’t tell you?

Timi: Tell me what?

Abayomi: I didn’t want him to know, when Jafar informed me, he told me not to tell anybody

Timi: but I am not anybody to Tana! So what happened?

I felt on top of the world

Abayomi told him…as they discussed, Toun and I went to take our bath. In the bathroom, all Unclad, we held each other , nothing sexual..our Tips getting hard was just as a result of the cold water washing away our dirtiness.

When we got back to the parlor, Timi shared the suya burger he had brought in. Suya burger was prepared by opening the popular Agege bread , putting Suya with excess amount of pepper and tomatoes in it, then heating it up.

I craved it..Timi gets me, I concluded.


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