-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me…Part 17

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Days flew past and thankfully there was no threat to my security.

I moved back to my apartment after Abayomi bribed me with paid lunch for a month.

The guy wanted to screw his chic and I was a hindrance, plus I was still feeling uneasy about I and Toun’s parole.

Unfortunately for Abayomi though, she spent a lot of time in my house. One of those times when she spent the night, Chibuzor, my neighbor nearest to the gate became born-again.

We were swallowing garri and soup when someone started shouting . i identified the voice as Chibuzor’s.

Chibuzor: Holy God, I accept this anointing, I accept this cup….my lord …my Jesus..old things are passed more bad bad things.

We were laughing inside the room when we heard a crash..Chibuzordid not open his door, he broke his door and stood arms akimbo in the compound.

He was shouting so loud, everybody came out of their rooms Chibuzor: Satan is a liar, my soul belongs to Jesus, mary, peter, mark,luke Isaiah, moses, noah, Daniel, Jacob, father Abraham, Michael, aaron, Elijah,Solomon,Ezekiel…

The list of biblical names continued,…..Job, Hannah, Samson ..

I noticed his girlfriend crying infront of their room, I looked at Toun bewildered only to see the mumu Laughing.

Me: what is funny?

Toun: cant I laugh again?

I ignored her and walked to Chibuzor’s girlfriend, she was scared

Me: why are you crying?

Girlfriend: someone should please help him

Me: from being born-again?

Girlfriend: which born-again? He just finished eating and started praying seriously, I joined him as a supportive girlfriend until I heard “in Ojukwu’s name I pray” I got worried but I continued with him.

Then he started preaching to me.

By this time, some neighbours stood beside me to listen to her

Girlfriend: he shouted and said “ woman, you have demons in your toto, demons that have been depriving me of A, B ONLY D,E and F”.

Toun: is that true?

I gave Toun a dirty stare.

Then looked at Chibuzor, he was doing push-ups, the girlfriend went to him at this point.

Girlfriend: baby why are you doing push-ups?

Chibuzor: I am not your baby, I am married to Jesus, Jezebel leave me alone.

She started crying, I realized it was getting out of hand, I immediately called Timi.

Me: hello

Timi: hello Nkem

Me: quit the crap. I need you ASAP

Timi: any problem?

Me: hurry, come with your car.

Timi came into the compound in thirty minutes.

By then Chibuzor was anointing us in the compound with buckets of water, as we ran, he chased us..shouting “ Unclean spirit, LEAVE!”

Timi walked into Chibuzors room and came out with a plate of beans.

Me: you want to eat his left-over, if you are hungry, we have garri na.

Timi smiled and walked to Chibuzor’s girlfriend.

Timi: wetin una put inside the beans?

Girlfriend: nothing

Timi: have you eaten?

Girlfriend: I haven’t..

Toun started laughing loudly; a couple of hisses were rained on her

Timi: your boyfriend put over-dose of weed in the beans.

Chibuzor’s girlfriend looked puzzled, but cried on.

Me: we have to take him to the hospital

Timi: yep, give me a bucket of water..

Toun got a bucket of water and gave

Timi. As Chibuzor saw Timi approach with the water, he started jubilating

Chibuzor: I anoint with water, but he that comes after me anoints with the holy-spirit, come my lord, I am not fit to untie your sandals.

Ok…I admit I laughed at this point.

Timi Aka son of God, doused Chibuzor with the water and he became a little disoriented.

He tossed Toun the keys of his car, for her to drive, while I sat in front with her and he held Chibuzor at the back with his girlfriend at the other side.

Toun could drive manual, I couldn’t.

Our destination was Best-care hospital. As we drove along Olopomerin road, I saw a car follow us .A Volvo.

Chibuzor kept saying incoherent words at the back of the vehicle. His girlfriend was still crying while Toun laughed and drove.

I was not happy about the Volvo tailing us. So I texted Jafar. “Oga tell your boys to stop following me” I wondered if weed was indeed this powerful. I had never smoked one before.

Chibuzor: I want to swim

We all acted like we didn’t hear. I wondered what Timi was doing when I called him. I wondered if my calling him was just an excuse to see him.

My phone beeped, signaling a message. “Night Ma’am”, Jafar’s message said.

I looked at the side mirror to see if the Volvo was still following us, there it was..all big and Ugly. I was cursing Jafar under my breathe when I noticed the Volvo slow down to take a right turn. “thanks”, I texted Jafar.

“lol”, he texted back

Chibuzor : I believe I can fly

Once again we ignored him.

Getting to the hospital, we held Chibuzor and forcefully took him into the reception where some members of staff checked him in.

while Toun and I remained in the reception, Timi and Chibuzor’s girlfriend followed him inside.

As they led him in he shouted “PDP”, the people around the hospital laughed in return.

I saw a figure limp toward me, I felt bad for whoever it was that had the broken leg.

Until I noticed it was Acho. Beside him was Yewande, holding him has he limped on. I felt very bad, the normally proud Acho that walked with swag looked pitiful.

As soon as he saw me, he looked in the other direction, but Yewande looked at me and hissed.

She left her boyfriend and came to me.

Yewande: have you seen what you have caused? When I am finished with you, you will regret ever being in this school.

I kept quiet but Toun was having none of it.

Toun: You cannot do more than a hanging pant!

Sometimes I wondered if Toun’s father was a judge or she was adopted.

Yewande: Mrs PA, na bottle we go use tear your mouth

Toun: Razzo! Bottles aint for fighting dear,its for drinks. Stooping to your level is pretty ridiculous mehn..

Chai, if they beat me because of Toun’s mouth, our friendship is over.

Yewande: Ehen, because your people get money, you think you are all that?

Toun: Bleep off jor! You and your messed up boyfriend.

Yewande smiled, informing us we would hear from her soon.

Timi came out some minutes later, informing us that Chibuzor had been admitted and his chic would be spending the night with him in the hospital.

Timi got a call.

Timi: Hey Annie….

…..sure, I am on my way

… problem.

He hung up.

Timi: Nkem…I have to leave you guys..Annie needs a lift

Me: No problem , thanks for coming at such short notice.

Toun: thanks dear

Toun hugged him, he came to me for a hug too, I blanked the heart robber.

Timi: I can give you guys t fare thou

Me: don’t worry, we have enough with us.

Toun: my regards to Annie.

I might just end up poisoning Toun, I thought to myself.


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