-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 16

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After a couple more futile shots, I told him I really had to leave.

While we played, we talked about various topics; I realized he was very smart. He also avoided some questions tactfully like when I asked him about his parents.

Jafar: Uche will drop you off, lemme call him. Do me well to send my best regards to Abayomi and Timi.

Me: you keep mentioning Timi, what’s that about?

Jafar: they are both members of your team, is there any reason why you are touchy about him?

I shrugged.

Me: Uche is taking forever, where can I get a cab around?

Jafar: lemme drop you off.

I didn’t know if I wanted that, being associated with a cultist or Confra as he calls it especially during the election period.

But instead of saying no, I followed him to his Benz.

The car moved like him, quiet and efficient. He had a marc Anthony cd on. The track playing was “when you sang to me”.

Unfortunately….very unfortunately…Iliked the song.

‘of all the words you said to me about life, the truth and being free, sang to me’

I sang along shamelessly.

He would look at me sometimes and giggle.

The ride was almost feeling like a normal one until I noticed the Volvo that was following us through the rear mirror, same Volvo that carried off Acho’s sorry ass.

Me: your goons are following us?

Jafar: you also have a problem with my guys following me?

Me: what are you…Mr president?

Jafar: I am number 1

He said it so casually, that I couldn’t even condemn him. But my mind went through stories I have heard about what it takes to be number 1.

I looked at his hand and wondered the evil he had done. I wondered how they hurt him during his initiation…I didn’t like the imagination of people hurting him.

I was getting silly. Then we got to the front of Toun’s house.

Jafar: see you soon

Me: very funny, there is one question I wanted to ask you. Do you think we will win, like honestly?

Jafar: with everything we have invested, that’s a lot of faith don’t you think?

Me: answer my question

Jafar: we can only do our best and hope it comes out well…we will do just fine

Me: bye…thanks for the ride

Jafar: thanks for the food

Me: very funny…

I noticed the Volvo stride behind the Benz as they drove away.

I walked up to the door and was about to knock when I heard Toun moan.

Listening carefully, I heard the grunt of the guy straffing my friend.

I waited for about 15 minutes before I knocked. I hoped it wasn’t what I thought; I hoped it wasn’t another guy.

It would have crushed me if it wasn’t Abayomi.

When Toun opened the door and I saw his idiotic smile satisfied with his booty call, I abused him.

Me: na so konji catch you reach

Abayomi: no be you kidnap my girlfriend

Me: Jafar sends his regards

Abayomi: people in Ikenne send theirs

Me: Toun, how far?

Toun: where you the one standing by the door?

Me: oh, you noticed, I thought you didn’t?

Toun: I did, I was hoping it wasn’t Isaac, he is fond of eavesdropping when Abayomi comes to sleep over

Me: who is Isaac?

Toun: Landlord’s son.

Abayomi: I have to go now

Toun: ehen now, you have gotten what you came for.

Abayomi: oya lets go to my house. Spend the night

Toun: I can’t leave my friend

I brought out my tongue, Abayomi ignored me.

Me: so how is Timi?

Abayomi: he is at Annie’s place. He fell sick on our way back. Malaria I guess.

Me: he will be sleeping there?

Abayomi: lool…why is that your biz?

Me: I am just concerned

Toun and Abayomi laughed at me.


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