-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 15

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As expected a lot of guys were in front of the premises, some guys where in the sitting room playing snooker.

With the amount of cash displayed, they were definitely gambling.

Uche: Jafar say make una comot.

He didn’t need to talk much, the guys filed out like they were remote controlled.

Uche told me to wait for Jafar, while he left the apartment.

I was alone by myself in the premises. I could hear the guys gathering outside, shouting, laughing and always in an excited state. It was clear that Jafar was not around.

The AC in the premises was in full throttle, I was dressed in a short gown with a scarf covering my hair, I was cold.

After 30minutes I had gotten enough, I decided to leave and was on my way out when I heard a car pull into the drive. I peeped through the window to see Jafar get out the Benz.

He brought out some bottles of liquor from his booth, the guys hurriedly took it from him.

Then they started singing, songs that talked about freedom from oppression, suppression et al

As he entered the sitting room, I made up my mind I was going to give him a piece of my mind.

Jafar was wearing a hooded top with a blue denim jean. His Vuitton frames were brown, sitting well on the bridge of his nose.

Jafar: I am sorry for the delay, I was held up..

Me: I can see

Jafar: goodevening ma’am

Me: good evening Jafar

Jafar: are you hungry?

He stood beside the snooker table, he just asked me If I had eaten like I was his daughter.

Me: I am good. Can we talk about what happened to Acho?

Jafar: yes, but I am very hungry, can u cook?

Me: I beg your pardon?

Jafar: I am not a very good cook, but I try to.

Me: Jafar, its late…lets talk so I can go.

He looked at me and smiled.

Some minutes later he came back with a canned Coke and gave me.

He went back inside his room and when he came back, he was on singlet and a boxer short.

Jafar: lets talk in the kitchen, I am famished.

Me: ermmmm….ok… The kitchen looked very tidy, I was sure it was so because of the amount of girls that visited.

The kitchen was bigger than my room, I admitted to myself.

Jafar: my favorite food is Yam and egg, what is yours?

Me: Rice, jollof.

Jafar: do you like fish?

Me: yes

He smiled as he brought out some fresh tomatoes and pepper from a fridge with a transparent door.

Jafar: you will see some eggs behind you, while you deal with that I will peel the yams..

Me: what are you trying to do?

Jafar: we are cooking, later we eat..then we talk.

I quietly started cutting the tomatoes…. Me, Chief Dike’s daughter.

The food came out well, at least it looked good.

He ate in the kitchen , quietly like I wasn’t around.

He had insisted I eat with him but I declined. He didn’t seem like someone that cooked his meals, it was s*xy** I must admit.

After eating, he started washing the dishes, that was when he started talking..

Jafar: so what problem do you have with how Acho was handled?

Me: that was not the kind of security I wanted.

Jafar: I heard he almost raped you

Me: nope! He was my boyfriend until two weeks ago, I guess he just wanted to prove a point

Jafar: I thought Timi was your boyfriend.

I was speechless for a while

Me: Timi is an ex too

He laughed, laughter that exposed his teeth.

When he laughed he seemed to have difficulty breathing, he laughed in bits.

Jafar: you dey vex o…you just dey ex all of them.

That didn’t sound funny to me so I kept a straight face. He took out his phone and called someone to come meet him in the kitchen.

The guy came and took away the yam that remained in the pot and the eggs in the frying pan.

Me: are you their father or what, how old are you?

Jafar: 26

Me: what are you?

Jafar: I am a guy…lol

Me: you know what I mean

Jafar: I don’t ma’am

Me: you are a cultist?

He laughed again. He laughed like I was a kid asking why mummy had a big tummy.

Jafar: what do you think?

Me: I think you are a cultist

Jafar: hahahahahaha..

Me: aint you?

Jafar: cultism is otokoto shii..all them blood money n all…

Me: so you are what?

Jafar: Confra….

Me: what is the difference?

Jafar: we fight for black man’s liberation

Me: you believe your bullshit?

Jafar: bullshit?

Me: you kill yourselves in campus, intimidate and all

Jafar: there are bad eggs in every organization.

When Wole introduced Confra to the university, it was for social equalization. Rich or poor, everybody being matter the tribe and all. The military hijacked it and started bribing our boys to intimidate people. Later political criminals started using them for election violence. Unfortunately, it has given us a bad name.

Me: so why involve yourself with it, you seem very intelligent.

Jafar: to have brothers with a common goal, to protect the oppressed and suppressed…to protect people like you…fend for people you would probably never know about.

I realized we were getting nowhere; I had to shift back to Acho’s matter.

Me: you can protect the Abayomi and the other peeps…leave me out of it.

Jafar: I can’t.

Me: why?

Jafar: you are an investment now; I am responsible for your safety.

Me: you are saying I don’t have a choice?

Jafar: as regards your safety, you don’t…I am sorry ma.

Me: I don’t like the way you handled Acho’s issue

Jafar: ok, we will reduce violence to the minimal

Me: thank you.

Jafar: now that we have an agreement, can you shoot pool?

Me: nope.

Jafar: come let me teach you.

Me: not interested, thanks though.

He was already moving to the sitting room, I had to follow, no be my kitchen na?

He gave me a stick, placed a white ball and a red ball on the snooker table.

Jafar: now you are going to learn how to hit a ball with the cue ball. The cue ball is the white ball, the stick is called the cue stick.

Me: its like you didn’t hear me, I am not interested.

He led me to the table, stood at my back. He grabbed my left hand and used it as a rest on the table, my right hand held the butt of the cue stick.

My bum was crested on his crotch, his shoulder enclosed mine as he tried guiding me to take the shot. I could smell him, I could hear his heartbeat.

I wondered if he heard mine. The last time I felt this tense was when Timi held me for the first time.

Jafar: in snooker, you, your eyes, your stick and the cue ball have to be one, they have to trust each-other. Your aim is the other ball…the middle of the other ball.. remember trust is everything…he whispered in my ears.

His lips brushed my ear lobe.

The shot I made was the worse shot he had ever seen, he had to admit.


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