-The Devil Who Loved Me

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We were sitted when the vice-chancellorcame into the conference room.

Earlier, Abayomi had called me that we had been summoned by the vice-chancellorfor an emergency meeting.

National and his deputy were to our left. Prof Akinbiyi, the VC was a man of medium build, his grey hair was bushy.

I wondered if most professors generally scattered their hair to look mofasa.

VC: how are u doing?

We answered that we were fine.

He didn’t beat around the bush, he wanted to inform us that the school management would support any candidate that won , that we would be partners and if we had any grandiose plans that might conflict with the vision of the school if elected.

After the meeting I had the opportunity to explain to Abayomi what had happened earlier when Yewande came to my lecture hall.

I told him I wasn’t comfortable with Jafar’s kind of security.

Abayomi: why don’t you want to go?

Me: why should I go?

Abayomi: are you scared?

Me: nope, but I shouldn’t be visiting a guy by 7pm in his house na

Abayomi: I want you to go, I want you to ask him about National’s involvement in the Ijebu-igbo fracas.

Me: why don’t you ask him yourself?

Abayomi: I would be going to Ikenne to campaign to the medical students, Timi and myself.

Me: how is Timi?

Abayomi: he is fine, he sends his regards

Me: tell him I send mine too

Abayomi: you should call the guy sometimes, he misses you.

Me: why should he miss me, he has Annie

Abayomi: does he?

Me: what do you mean?

Abayomi: I think you both should sit down and talk, that’s all..

Me: I hear…how is kofo?

Abayomi: we are over

Me: because I am going to quit if you don’t stop ramming her

Abayomi looked at me and winked.

Toun and I were watching Prison Break in her room when we heard a knock on the door, it was 7pm and I thought Abayomi had changed his mind about going to Ikenne.

Uche was by the door.

Uche: hope you are ready?

Me: Jafar sent you?

Uche: yes, I am waiting outside.

Toun: Tee, should I come with you?

Me: nope don’t worry, lemme just change my clothe

Twenty minutes later, Uche drove me to Jafar’s crib.


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