-The Devil Who Loved Me

Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me… Part 13

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I can’t remember who woke up first, but I knew we starred at each other for a while just lying there.

Toun: do you feel bad?

Me: yepz

Toun: because you just had se*x with a girl or because of Abayomi?

Me: because of Abayomi and you. I should be a good friend and settle your se*x issue, instead I had se*x with you.

Toun: this had nothing to do with Abayomi and myself

Me: what about us, how would we be after this?

Toun: it’s a one-time thing, we will laugh about it very soon. Have you been with a girl before?

Me: nope, you?

Toun: what do you think?

Me: I dunno o..

She laughed, picked up her phone and called her boyfriend. He was supposed to come but he hadn’t.

In class the next day, I tried putting my life in a perspective, with the drama that was unfolding in my life, I knew if I didn’t take my studies seriously I was going to seriously fail , I didn’t have an idea how I would turn it all around…but I had to.

Toun was beside me, dubbing an assignment from a friend, I was waiting so I would dub from her. I looked at her body, long and lean; she seemed to have moved on from what happened, I decided to push it off my mind.

Toun tapped me with her pen, calling my attention to somebody walking towards us with rage in her eyes. It was Yewande, she came with a friend.

Yewande: why did you send your people to attack my boyfriend. I know you cannot imagine that he could have left you for someone like me, but you took it too far!

I looked at Toun, who was trying as much as possible to ignore us and focus on the assignment

Yewande: his hand and leg are broken, I swear! You will pay

I ignored her as it was becoming embarrassing; the aproko students in my class were already staring.

Yewande: bribing him with money to stay with you was not enough, you had to attack him…

you have lost o….

Luckily a lecturer came in and she had to leave, promising me hell later. At this point I was getting tired, I decided I was going to call Abayomi to tell Jafar and his goons to take a chill, or maybe I would need to call Jafar myself.

I stepped outside to call Jafar.

Me: hello

Jafar: Hey

It sounded like he was whispering, but it was still audible

Me: about Acho yesterday I think your boys took it too far

Jafar: oh

Me: I don’t want that kind of thing associated with me

Jafar: what thing are we talking about here?

Me: attacks and beatings

Jafar: oh

Me: do I have your word that it would stop?

Jafar: what does my word mean to you?

Me: it would assure me and I would hold on to it

Jafar: meet me in my house by 7pm..

Me: wha…

He hung up.

That guy lacks manners, and he is sick if he thinks I would come to his house, I said to myself.


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