-The Angel And The Monk

Must Read: The Angel And The Monk… Part 5

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The angel started explaining everything to the monk.
“You see that man whose golden cup i stole,is crying now and looking for the cup everywhere.But he does not know that he is looking for his death.That his enemy who claimed to have reconciled with him did not actually reconcile with him.He(the enemy)has been looking for a way to kill the man,and when he couldnt find any,he put poison inside the cup and gave to him so that when he drinks with it,he would die.That is why God sent me to take the cup away from the innocent man before he drinks with it and dies”
The monk was speechless.he was beginning to see reasons.
“As for the boy i killed,he is now in heaven.His father was a notorious criminal when he was young,and he was training the boy to be worse than himself.God then said to me,’Go and bring me that innocent boy now that his heart is still pure.
As regards the man whose house i set on fire,he was very rich before.But God decided to take the riches away from him as a test of his faith,yet the man remains faithful to God.Consequently,God asked me to set his house on fire because He(God)has filled under the house with gold,and not untill the house is destroyed,the man will not rebuild it.Now,when he will be rebuilding the house,he will find the gold.And after selling it,he will be ten times richer than he was.
Do you think i love that rich man i gave the golden cup to? I have no love for him whatsoever;the man is the epitome of everything evil.He sponsors robbers and assasins,he has charms made with human beings,he seizes the lands of the poor especially widows,his workers are not paid,and other evils he commits.Today,God said that his cup is filled up.As soon as he gets home now,he is going to drink with the cup and that means death for him.
“Can you now see that God’s ways are different from the ways of man?”the angel asked the monk.
The monk calmly nodded.”Now i have seen that there may be a reason why God created some people tall while others are shot,some people rich while others poor and so on.Thank you for showing me these things”the monk said.
“Now go back to your monastery and question God’s activities no more”the angel finally said and disappeared.

There is a reason for everything that happens.God’s ways are different from the ways of man


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