-The Angel And The Monk

Must Read: The Angel And The Monk… Part 4

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Somewhere along the road,they saw one rich man standing near his newly bought flashy car.The angel said to the monk”wait for me”
The monk waited,while the angel approached the rich man and greeted,
“Good day,sir”
“Good day”replied the rich man.
“i guess you are the owner of this car”the angel said.
“yes,i newly bought it” the rich man replied hilariously.
“Great!”the angel exclaimed.He shook hands with the rich man and said”congratulations”.He looked inside the car and nodded his head.
“this is indeed a beautiful car”the angel remarked.He then dipped hand inside his pocket and brought out that golden cup he stole from the first man and handed over to the rich man and said”i present this golden cup to you for being able to buy this car”
“Thank you so much.i appreciate”the rich man took the cup,entered into the car and sped off.
Meanwhile,the monk stood speechless,he couldn’t believe his eyes”i thought you said you are from heaven?”he asked the angel.
“Yes i am,replied the angel,is anything the matter”
“So evil deeds started from heaven? Imagine all the atrocities you have been committing…”
“Watch your tongue.i have not committed any atrocity”the angel cautioned.
“Why did you steal that poor man’s golden cup and gave it to the man who is already rich? At least you should have left it for him to sell and make some money for himself and for the upkeep of his family”the monk argued.
“Listen,never you question the authorities of God.Before God allows anything to happen,there must be a reason”the angel convinced him and they continued their journey.
Not more than ten poles from there,they burst out at their starting point.
“Stop here.This is the monastery,from where we started our,listen let me explain everything to see,when those things were happening,you thought that i was being unfair and wicked.There is a reason for everything that happens……


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