-The Angel And The Monk

Must Read: The Angel And The Monk… Part 3

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After crossing the river,the monk asked the angel”Are you sure you are an angel of God?”
“Of course i am.Keep moving”The angel replied.
Feeling trapped,the monk moved on and the angel followed him.when they got to one thatched-roofed house,the angel said to the monk”Go in there”
The monk entered and the angel followed him.There,they met another poor elderly man in his early 60s.The man was overwhelmed with joy on seeing the guests.He entertained them with the exiguous and insipid food he had.They ate as usual(though the angel did not eat,he only pretended to be eating)
After they had eaten,they thanked the man for his kind gesture.They stayed for a while and then bade him good-bye.
The man saw them off.No sooner had he(the man)gone back to his house,than the angel said to the monk
“please wait for me here,i am coming”
He went back and set the poor man’s house and fire and ran back to the monk and said”hurry,lets get out of this place!”They hastened their steps.But as they were going,the angel said to the monk
“look back”
The monk looked back and saw a heavy smoke going up air.
“I have set that man’s house on fire”the angel said to the monk.
“Which man?”asked the monk.
“The poor man we have just left his house of course”The angel replied.
This month looked up above as if calling upon the heavens to come and witness the attrocities that the so called angel has been comitting.
“Why?”the monk asked furiously.
“God told me to do so”the angel replied.
“God told you to do evil?”the monk asked angrily.he was bewildered.
“Who told you it’s evil?”the angel asked in return with a smile playing on his face.
“It is 100% evil,devilish and wicked”the monk replied.
The angel laughed.”It’s alright.lets continue our journey”
The monk refused.”take me back to the monastry.i cant continue this journey with are evil.take me back”the monk cried.
The angel patted him on the back and told him not to be afraid,that everything is fine.”you are only a human cannot the mind of God.keep moving”
The monk moved on and they continued on their journey.

Could This Angel Be Truly Sent By God?


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