-The Angel And The Monk

Must Read: The Angel And The Monk… Part 1

In a monastery lived a certain monk for 18yrs without coming out.The monk,though a holy man,sometimes questions why God should create people beautiful while others very ugly,some too tall,others too short,some too fat others tinny:why God should make some people to be basking in wealth,while others living in abject poverty etc.
This disparity was giving him a serious cause for concern and caused him sleepless nights.
One day,an angel of God appeared to him and said”my friend,you have lived here for a long time without coming out.Now come with me lets take a walk round the town so that you can refresh your memory with the city life.
The monk agreed and they set out.As they were going,they saw a group of people rejoicing and celebrating.The angel said to the monk”enter there”They both entered.The owner of the house received them warmly.He offered them food and drink.After they had eaten(though the angel did not eat but was pretending to be eating)the angel asked the man”what is this celebration all about?”
The man replied”the man i had been in enemity with for the past 10 years,called me and made peace with me.He gave me this golden cup as a sign of our reconciliation,so i called my relations and friends to rejoice with me,for this former enemy of mine has made peace with me”
The angel nodded and said”Thank God.It’s more rewarding to be at peace with people than to keep malice.Go ahead with your celebration but we shall be taking our leave now”
The man bade them farewell”thank sirs for your visit,i appreciate,farewell”.
The angel and the monk left.
Somewhere along the road,the angel dipped hand inside his pocket and brought out that man’s golden cup and showed to the monk and said”i have stolen that man’s golden cup”
the monk was really surprised at this.
”what!”the monk exclaimed.”why did you do such a devilish deed? That man was kind to us.Even without knowing who we were,he received us into his house,gave us food and drink.why pay him back with evil?”
The angel told him to keep quiet and stop asking foolish questions.Helplessly and sheepishly,the monk moved on and the angel followed.
…What do you think of this angel?…


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