-The Adventure Of Corper John

Must Read: The Adventure Of Corper John… Part 9

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Chief Dotmann woke up around 10 am, he felt satisfied, the lady who he slept with had left him in bed, he had met her in a night club, from there they drove to his apartment in Lagos, he remembered the instructions given to him by the native doctor, he had chewed the green kolanut before sleeping with the woman, now it was time for him to chew the red one, he pulled the drawer beside his bed and brought out the red kolanut, he chewed it immediately, now the process was complete, the woman’s spirit would bring him more money, but she would die any moment after 24 hours, now he could do away with his range rover and buy something better, he picked his phone to call Ijeoma, he hoped she had completed the job, Ijeoma’s phone rang several times but no one picked It, he prayed all was well, Ijeoma never wasted time picking his calls, he stood up and went into the bathroom ………………………………………………… Nelson picked his phone up and tried dialling Peter Adeboye’s number again, still it was switched off he sat down on the couch and looked at John, suddenly an idea came to his mind, why hadn’t he thought of it? He suddenly remembered that he had helped Peter install a police tracker inside his car, he still had the details of the tracker inside his laptop, he picked up his phone and called the specialist who helps him install trackers into police vehicles, within 15 minutes the man got to his house, Nelson gave him the details and he didn’t use up to 5 minutes before he located the car, it was about 12,000 metres away from their current location, Nelson picked up his phone and called all his men, they were going for a serious mission, John and his friends offered to come, Nelson didn’t like the idea but he said they could follow him under the condition that they were going to remain in the car, they all agreed, Nelson’s men didn’t take long to arrive, John and his friends entered the DPO’s car, they then set out on their mission, Nelson’s phone rang and he picked it, one of his men called to inform him that after further torture the suspect had confessed that she was sent by chief Dotmann, Nelson thanked his man for the good job and ended the call, he put two and two together, now he knew why Chief Dotmann was absent, that was a business for another day, right now they had to find his friend ………………………………………………… Peter Adeboye was no more lonely in the dungeon, his captives had brought in more people, five more people to be precise, four men and one woman, the men were also unclad and had their hair shaved, he was shy being Unclad in front of strangers but he knew he would have to get used to it ………………………………………… The tracking specialist whose name was Promise was the one directing the police convoy, he was also in Nelson’s car which was the car that led the way, he told the driver to stop the car, he looked at his laptop and told the driver to take the next turn on the right which he did, soon they were off the tarred road, following the map on his laptop, he directed them through different turns, John thought the road felt familiar, it felt just like the road the kidnappers took them through, Joy and TJ also said the same thing, they made this known to Nelson, Nelson knew it had to be the kidnappers, Promise informed them that they were 1500 metres away from the cars location, Nelson ordered his driver to stop, now they had to continue on foot, Nelson went to the back of his car and picked a bullet proof vest from the trunk, he ordered his men to remember to wear their vest and make no noise as they moved, he told John and his friends to remain in his car no matter what happens, so Nelson and his 24 man squad walked for about 1400 metres when Nelson spotted Peter’s car parked in front of an uncompleted building, Bison’s building, he split his men into three and ordered them to surround the building, Nelson took one last look at his AK 47, they were going in hot Kemi had finished preparing for work, her daughter Lisa was still sleeping, Lisa had just come home from a party that she went to the previous night, Kemi didn’t bother to disturb her, she picked up her car key and went outside to her car, she started the engine and set off for work, she remembered her husband, she picked up her phone and dialled his number, it was switched off, she hissed, why was she even bothering herself, she got to the traffic light, it was already on red so she stopped, she remembered her sweet experience in the hands of chief, she smiled to herself, soon all chief’s wealth would be hers, all she needed was 24 hours, before the balm that baba gave her would take effect, she had rubbed the balm on her laps before going to the club, baba had instructed her that any man she slept with after she had rubbed the balm on her laps would be under her control, the traffic light went from red to yellow and finally green, she drove off and continued her journey to the office ……………………………… John, Joy, TJ and Promise sat in the car, alongside Nelson’s driver, John was deep in thought, he hoped his father would be found, alive, and with all his body parts complete, Joy kissed him on the cheeks and told him all would be fine, John looked at Joy, if he was in the mood he would have kissed her small inviting pink lips, but he was not in the mood, all he could think of now was how his father was going to be rescued ………………………… Peter was half asleep when the dungeon door was opened, two men came inside and released him from his chains, they then pulled him up and dragged him out of the dungeon, they then locked the dungeon door back, they forced him through a long dark corridor and they turned left, Peter knew there was trouble immediately, a left turn was not a good sign, was this how his life was going to end? Bison stood in the slaughter room waiting impatiently, they should have brought the man here already, he didn’t know what was taking them long ………… Nelson took a deep breath, it had been quite a while that he had been on a mission, in fact he shouldn’t be here, but he was here because his friends life was in danger and whoever was responsible was going to pay dearly, on a normal mission, his men would have handled it alone, but this was no ordinary mission, these kidnappers had threatened his Job and his friend’s life, using his radio he told the other two groups to attack on his count, 3, 2, 1 the three groups attacked at once …………………………………… Bison took a machete from a corner, he was going to behead this one himself, two men held Peter’s hands and legs and placed his head on a flat rock, Peter tried to struggle but he could not free himself, he said his last prayers, Bison raised his machete ready to behead the man before him …………………… the people in the dungeon heard a cry of pain from an area of the building, they now knew why they were kidnapped..


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