-The Adventure Of Corper John

Must Read: The Adventure Of Corper John… Part 8

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John was troubled by what Nelson just told him, he went back to the sitting room and sat on the couch, could his father had been kidnapped by those wicked men? He asked himself, he went to the fridge to get a bottle of water, but this time he sipped it slowly instead of gulping it like a dragon that wants to put out It’s fire, countless thoughts occupied his mind, Joy sat beside him and held his hands, she had listened to their conversation, she felt sorry for John, she had lost both her parents a few years ago in a car crash, but she had gotten over it, she wouldn’t want him to lose his father, she looked at his face and tried to console him, he looked into her eyes and his heart melted, he almost smiled, he then held her head and placed it on his chest, 10 minutes later, John looked at Joy any saw that she had slept off, he stood up and carried her to the room where Becky was, he placed her on the bed gently and kissed her, he went to the room where the guys were and he lied down on the spare bed, he was deep in thought until 1 pm when nature came and closed his eyes………………………………………………………… Kemi woke up with a smile on her face, her concubine had satisfied her more than her husband ever did, she even wondered maybe that was the reason why John’s mother left, maybe he could not satisfy her in bed and she left for that reason, wise woman, Kemi thought to herself, she had made the right choice, but she herself won’t leave the house for her husband, when he comes back with John, that is even if the useless boy was found alive, she would send an assassin to take care of them, her concubine was still sleeping, she didn’t blame him, he had worked like a bull, she stood up and wore her cloth, she carried her hand bag and left his house, she drove back to her husband’s house as she had to go to work that morning …………………………………………………… The corpers woke up early except John, he had woken up around 8:30 am, he stood up and walked towards the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and had his bath, he saw a new T-shirt and a pair of jeans on the bed, he didn’t need to ask Google before he knew it was for him, he was happy he was not going to wear the smelly palace guard clothes again, he went out of the room and walked towards the dining room, there they were eating breakfast, he greeted them before sitting down with them at the dining table, the house help brought his own breakfast of moin – moin and pap and placed it before him, he ate silently without saying a word, when they had finished eating, Nelson announced to them that a police pickup was waiting outside to take four of them home as John would go later because he had some important issues to attend to, John then interfered, he told them what happened to his father, they all felt sorry for him and hoped that his father was not in the hands of the kidnappers, Tomiwa and Becky were inside the police pickup, Joy and TJ had refused to go, Joy said she was going to Nelson’s place with him until he was ready to go, he was the only person she trusted, TJ was not going to leave his friend in this state of mind, he called his father using Nelson’s phone, it was his father’s assistant that picked the phone, his father was out of the country, he told the assistant to tell him that he would be spending a few more days in Enugu, the police pickup left on the journey to Lagos carrying only Tomiwa and Becky, John wished them safe journey ………………………………………………… The hunter and his wife wore their best clothes and began their journey to the palace, they were going to meet their new son-in-law.

Nelson received an expected call, one of the chiefs called to inform him that the king was dead and the police was needed to make an investigation and state the cause of death, he knew the king was dead already because John had told him so, he was dressed in his police uniform already, he asked John and his friends to excuse him, he had to get to the king’s palace, he went out of the house and he and his driver set out in his Toyota Prado SUV, John was a little bit scared, it just occured to him that if he was identified as the one who poisoned the king he might be charged to court for murder, it would be a case that he could not win, it would be John vs the entire community, ………………The hunter and his wife were close to the palace, they had almost gotten there when they heard people wailing, the hunter feared that the king was dead, and his fear was confirmed when a girl told him that the king had died the previous night, after hearing this, his wife Chinyere immediately sat on the ground and stared wailing, their son in law was dead, that hunter shouted on his wife to get up from the ground immediately, they stormed towards the palace and were about to enter the palace when two men who looked like balotelli stood in their in their way one of them asked where they were heading and told them to state their business, the hunter narrated their reason for being there, the guard told him that the king was dead, but he still allowed them to enter, the hunter and his wife were inside the palace, they were lucky to find Chinelo easily, Chinelo was wailing and her mother quickly went to console her, Chinelo told them Of she and the late king’s love affair, they exclaimed after hearing what their daughter Said, they would be in big trouble if their daughter ever got pregnant, the hunter asked about John and the female corpers from Chinelo, she told him that she had not seen John or any of the female corpers but TJ had tried to come and rescue her, the hunter shook his head in self pity, the situation had turned around………………………………………………Nelson arrived at the palace with his officers who were specialized in such matters, they ordered that no member of the palace should leave, the specialist examined the king’s corpse, they came up with a result within 30 minutes , they didn’t need to ask ifa before they knew he was poisoned, they told Nelson their findings, he announced to the palace that their king was poisoned, the people in the palace shouted ahh! Nelson’s men began their work, they started first by interrogating the palace cooks, they separated the people who prepared and served his food, Nelson personally went to interrogate Chinelo, he was told the king had died in her room, he saw that she was in a sober mood, he told her to calm down, all he was going to do was to ask her some questions, she nodded her head in approval, he started by asking her what the king was doing before he died, she answered shyly and told him that they had just finished making love, when he suddenly fell down and died, he asked her if the king had forced her to have s*x, no she replied, she had done it willingly, he asked her if she was happy to have been in the palace before the king died, she said yes, Nelson examined her carefully, with his psychological instinct, he knew she was not lying, she looked young and harmless but then he reminded himself that looks could be deceiving, he asked her how old she was, she said she was 16 years old, Jesus! Nelson said within his mind, she was underage, the king had definitely committed child abuse, but he couldn’t do anything about it even if the king was alive, the king had authority over such matters, he stood up and went out of her room, he placed her under the low priority suspect level, Sir, one of Nelson’s men called him, he told him his attention was needed in the kitchen, when he got there another officer told him that they had tested the food that the king had eaten the previous night, it contained some toxic substances which they believed to be poison, Nelson told the chiefs about their discovery, he noticed that one of the chiefs, chief Doherty aka chief Dotmann was not present, he asked about him and he was told that chief Dotmann had travelled to Lagos two days ago, Nelson ordered that his men should round up all the cooks and take them to the police station for serious questioning, Nelson left the palace and went to town to buy some more clothes for John and his friends, as his driver was about to drive his car into his compound, he received a call from one of his men, his man informed him that after torturing the cooks, one of them confessed to have poisoned the king’s food, Nelson went into his house and told John that they had found the person who poisoned the king, John was relieved when he heard what Nelson said, maybe he was not the one who was responsible for the king’s death, he was glad someone else had also wanted the king dead, but one thing he didn’t know was why?


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