-The Adventure Of Corper John

Must Read: The Adventure Of Corper John… Part 5

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John woke up still smiling, it was the best night sleep he’s had for a long time, he was sleeping in the comfort of a girl he loved, no TJ had his leg over his body when he slept and he was not sleeping under any orange tree where ants crawled on his when he slept, he stood up and went outside, leaving his friends who were still asleep, he went to ease himself under a tree and went back to inside to lay beside Joy, he was not the only one who had a good night sleep, Joy woke up full of Joy, it had been almost a year since she had slept beside a man whom she liked and who also liked her too, she knew John was in love with her, she loved his warmth and manly presence as they lay……………………. Thousands of miles away from them somebody didn’t have a good night sleep, Mr Adeboye had traveled to Enugu in search of his son, he arrived Enugu around 9pm and decided to lodge in an hotel so that he could start searching for his son this morning, he rarely slept for 1 hour the previous night as thoughts began to occupy his mind, he hoped John was safe and sound, maybe he had an emergency and could not come home then his phone got spoilt or stolen, even if his phone got spoilt or stolen at least he knows his phone number, why didn’t he call, he knew John to be a responsible man, unlike him, he had failed as a husband to John’s mother and he was a bad father to John, John’s mother had left him when he had beaten her for the umpteenth time after he came home drunk from the club, she packed her bags and left his house that very night never to return again, that time John was just a year and seven months old, he felt sorry for the boy, he never had a real mother to care for him, he went into the bathroom to have his bath ……………………………………………… The DPO was not in a good mood either, he called his men out, they all stood at ease before him as he addressed them, he challenged them to show why the police should be trusted, while the people of the community should feel safe and to show that they were more powerful than the trouble makers, with that he dismissed them…………….

Bison had a good night sleep, despite the events of the last two days, he had earned about 15 million naira that week, he had given his men 100,000 naira for each man or woman they brought, now he could buy that range rover suv like the type that Chief Dotmann brought two days ago, business was going on well, all he had to do was keep on kidnapping people…………………. The corpers had taken their bath at a stream not far away from the hunter’s house, they then had their breakfast of eba and ogbonna soup with antelope meat, John and Joy kept making eye contact with each other, they wanted each other badly, the hunter came out of his house carrying his dane gun, but he was not dressed in his hunter’s outfit, he told them he was ready, they were also ready, they were ready to take the long walk to freedom

And they started their journey, the hunter’s daughter was going with them too as she was going to carry some of the foodstuff that her father was going to buy from town, the corpers were all happy, finally all their troubles were going to come to an end, if they could reach town they were all going to call their parents, TJ smiled at his thoughts, if he called his father, he could go to extent of sending an helicopter, he father might not even know that he’s not in Lagos yet, he was always busy with his business, Lagos today and London tomorrow, next week Johannesburg, next month Liverpool, well he was already used to his father not being around, John too thought about his father’s reaction, his father would run to Enugu immediately, he knew his father would be worried about him, if his phone had not been collected by the kidnappers he would have had over 300 missed calls, his father does not joke with his only son, Joy didn’t have any parent or relative to call, her father and mother both died in a car accident in Manchester, that was about 5 years ago, it was her father’s life insurance money that was given to her that she had been using for her upkeep, she couldn’t inherit her father’s property yet because he had instructed in his will that his lawyer should not hand any property over to her until she had finished her NYSC, now she was going to Lagos to inherit her father’s property, they walked through the bush path until they finally got to the wide road where Bison’s men had harassed them, but no one was in sight today, they continued walking along the dusty road, John and Joy held hands and she put her head on his shoulder, see gbeke o,TJ thought in his mind, these people love don reach level 2, love ke? He had never really loved any girl, all he had for girls was lust, for him girls come and go, he used them like recharge cards, they walked for 15 minutes when they began to see more mud houses, they were closer to town, they passed through the small community and alas! They were finally at the tarred road, their Joy knew no bounds as the spotted a call center, they all ran with their full speed towards the yellow umbrella leaving the hunter behind, Chinelo too followed them, they heard drumming and cheering not far away from them, as they approached the call center, the man that was there was surprised to see them, he was trying to tell them something, he could not speak because he was dumb, he quickly wrote something on a paper and gave it to them, the drumming and cheering became louder as they saw a croud approaching them, they were probably celebrating something, John read the paper, “take the women away, no woman is allowed to be outside today “, before they say Phillipe Coutinho, four men grabbed Joy, Becky and Chinelo , it turned into a tussle between them as more men came to drag the ladies away, the hunter had just caught up with them, he had forgotten that it was the nwayi festival which no woman was allowed to come out for that day, any woman who was caught outside would become either the king’s wife or slave, John took a deep breathe, he could not let Joy or Chinelo go like that, their walk to freedom had just become longer..


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