-The Adventure Of Corper John

Must Read: The Adventure Of Corper John… Part 4

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Their hearts saddened as he stepped out of the bush pointing his gun at them, they recognized him instantly, he was one of Bison’s men, he made a whistling sound and two other men came out holding swords, make una no even try run or else I go shoot una leg comot for una body, the man said in a deadly serious tone, na una go dey allow make Bison para for us abi? una own don finish today, he continued, oya in a straight line the second man ordered harshly, they dared not disobey men with swords and guns, ironically the lined up according to their height with Becky in front followed by Joy then John was behind her after him was Tomiwa then TJ was the last on the queue being the tallest, two men stood behind them while the other one who was holding the gun lead the way……………………….. Thousands of kilometers away, Mr Adeboye was in his sitting room sipping his red wine from his glass cup, he was a little worried because his only son, John was expected from Enugu the previous day, he had read in the morning paper how 9 people were found shot dead in Enugu state, he had dialled John’s number several times the previous day and even that morning, it was time to take action, he could not just sit there and do nothing, just then Kemi his wife came to the sitting room and greeted him, she seemed less concerned about John’s whereabouts, he knew she disliked John but he didn’t know it was up to that extent, he hissed as she walked away, he stood up, picked his car keys and set out………………………………………………… John and his friends had walked for about 15 minutes with their abductors, he had never killed anybody in his life before but he could swear he was going to kill these men with the slightest chance he had, they had threatened their lives enough, he remembered the fighting skills he had been taught when he was at the NYSC camp………….. The DPO sat in his office in deep thought, that morning was not a good one for him because he just got a call from the commissioner of police who threatened to sack him if the criminals who killed those 9 people which the TV news and newspaper broadcasted were not arrested, he had been receiving reports of kidnapping in the community and now was the time to act………………………………. The man who held the gun suddenly stopped and said ‘my guys wait I wan piss’ , John was alert, now was his chance, he looked back at TJ who understood him, using his hand to signal to TJ he counted down with his fingers 5,4,3 he was ready to die trying 2,1

The birds in the forest flew away at the sound of the gunshot, the first one was followed by two quick ones, John and his friends laid motionless on the ground, John looked up and saw a gun pointing at his face, he raised his head more to study the person who had a gun to his face, no shoes, Dane gun and the man had a sack around his neck, John concluded that he was definitely a hunter, but at that period his name had been changed from hunter to hero as he was their saviour, the hunter had shot their abductors within the blink of an eye, they stood up slowly, John looked around to check if any of them were hurt, he didn’t know whether to hug the hunter or prostrate for him, he had rescued them from the hands of death, they all thanked the hunter for his help as if he had given them 20 million naira each, the hunter replied them and said no worry my children, he went on to narrate how his one of his daughters had been kidnapped by those wicked men, TJ looked back and saw one of the men struggling to reach for his gun, with an anger that he had not shown for a long time, he stamped his foot into the man’s neck, killing him instantly, they all stared at TJ in awe, except John, he had seen TJ portray that kind of anger before, the last time he saw such anger was when TJ was sent out of the examination hall by one of his lecturers, that time TJ had reacted by breaking both side mirrors of the lecturer’s car, he knew TJ too well, for someone who joked most of the time, TJ had a horrible anger no one would wish to witness, my children where una dey come from and where una dey go? the hunter asked them, Tomiwa then narrated their ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers and their underwater adventure to the hunter who didn’t seem surprised but just nodded his head slowly and said okay make una follow me, the didn’t hesitate much, he had just saved their lives and earned a little trust from them, at least he had just saved their lives, he lead them through a different path, they walked for 10 minutes and began to wonder where he was taking them to, as if he was reading their minds, he told them that he was taking them to his house, from there he would take them to town the following morning, he introduced himself as Okeke, he was a hunter as they would have noticed, they walked for another 10 minutes before arriving at the hunter’s house, the house was made from mud, Tomiwa couldn’t have expected better, as they approached the house, a young boy ran out and said papa welcome, he introduced them to his son Obinna, where is ya mother? he asked the little boy, she has gone to the farm, the boy replied, just then a beautiful girl who was around 17 years old came out from the backyard, welcome papa she said softly, the hunter replied her and introduced them to his first daughter Chinelo, John saw TJ focusing on the girl like a lion focusing on its prey, TJ looked at John who gave him a stern look, he knew John meant hands off, the hunter ordered his daughter to prepare food for their guest, he then lead them into the house and asked them to sit down, 20 minutes later Chinelo walked in with their food, it was Akpu and ogbonna soup with antelope meat, they started devouring their food immediately it was dropped in front of them, nothing like forming, even Joy who had never eaten any Nigerian staple food before eat her akpu like a pro, Tomiwa was the first to finish his food, they washed their hands and drank water from a bowl made from calabash, they thanked the hunter or his hospitality and then they relaxed, they all slept and woke up 3 hours later, by then the hunter’s wife had returned, she greeted them and offered them oranges, after they had eaten the oranges they went out to join the hunter who was by the fireside, they began to tell tales by the fireside as the moon smiled on them, they later went inside to sleep, the hunter’s wife offered them 4 wrappers for them to cover themselves, she apologized for the shortage as that was all she had, Tomiwa, TJ and Becky grabbed theirs quickly and went to sleep, leaving one wrapper for John and Joy, John told Joy to use the wrapper as he could cope without a wrapper, Joy smiled and suggested they share the wrapper together, she winked at him and he got the memo, they laid side by side under the last wrapper and John put his hand over her and smiled in his sleep, the girl he loved was in his arms


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