-S*xual Assault: My Ordeal

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I finally arrived the principal’s office i stood

there for a few seconds and adjusted my baret

and i knocked the door before opening.

The first person my eyes captured was my

mom the principal orderd me to kneel down

and he continued talking with my mom.

Tears streamed down my eyes and rolling to

my cheeks and falling to my shirt i was so

carried away i didn’t pay any attention to what

they were saying.

‘Ann . .’ The principal’s voice feared me and i

fell down with my buttocks.

‘Who is the father of the baby you’re carrying?’

the principal asked while he moved his hands

to a cane that was lyeing on the table. i didn’t

utter any word the principal stood up walks

towards me with his cane, i quickly stood up to

my feet and i took countless steps backward

until the wall grabbed my back the cane landed

at my back several times and i began to


‘I said who is the father of the baby?’ the

principal repeatedly asked for the tenth time

without a reply from me, i heard my mom’s

voice saying ‘sir beat her very well’. soon after

the principal stopped and i began cry furiously.

the principal stood up and went back to his


‘Ma’m we cant keep your daughter in this

school any more she must be expelled’ the

principal explained to my mom

‘please sir keep her when its time for her to

deliver the baby she’ll go and when the baby is

strong she’ll resume’ my mom pleaded with

her knees on the floor

‘Ma’m its against the school’s rules and

regulations and again the test results here

shows she is a HIV carrier she cant stay in the

midst of other students’ the principal said

stressing the word ‘HIV’.

In hearing HIV i was shocked and i moved

backwards covering my mouth and tears

rushing from its store i opened the door gently

without the notice of the principal.

i exited the office and i saw tolu ,nifemi and

rose the three of them are my classmates and

big time gossips i wondered how long they

were there listening to the drama.

‘H.I.V’ Tolu said and the three of them

departed laughing as they were running

towards the classroom

tears rushed from my eyes and i cleaned my

face gently with my baret. when i entered the

class the whole class shouted ‘HIV’ and they all

departed through the backdoor and some of

them jumping trough the window leaving me

alone in the class i couldn’t hold it i bursted

into tears and i cried loud.

i ran out of the class and i was crying on the go

i reached the gate and the gateman quickly

rushed to block the gate so i will not pass.

i engaged in a struggle with the gateman and i

managed to push him away and i left the

school, that will be the first time i’ll leave

school before closing hour in my life.

To Be Continued…

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