-S*xual Assault: My Ordeal

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‘Good afternoon ma’ i greeted my mom she

did’nt utter any word so i decided to walk

towards my room.

‘hey we do you think you are going to?’ my

mom disrupted my movenent

‘so all this while you’ve been coming back from

school late telling me you were reading were

all tales abi? you are a snake, ann you are

snake’ my mom lamented with shame all over

her face

‘now tell me who is the father of the baby’ my

mom demanded i gazed gently at my step

father that maintained mute while my mom

was busy talking i pointed at him bending my

face towards the floor.

My mom looked at my step father trying to ask


‘Honey i don’t know whats she’s saying oh i’m

not responible for anything oh’ my step father

rushed his words

‘now tell me who is responsible for pregnancy’

my mom said as she turned her head to me, i

insisted it was him and he kept on denying my

mom stood up from the couch to where i was

standing and gave me a slap on my face and

she called me all sorts of names i entered my

room and locked up my self. i fell to my face

ontop of my mattress and cried i was helpless

the only thing i was thinking was commiting

sucide. i cried until slept off .

‘grnnnnnn , grnnnnnn, grnnn’ the sound of my

alarm waked me then the time was 6. am i

setted my alarm to 6: am so i could finish my

house chores on time before going to school.

i stood up by this time i was stil on my school

uniform i took my bagpack and left the house

tip toeing so my mom will not question me, i

went to school very early that day and the main

gate in our school was locked the official time

for school i 8:am so i decided to stroll round

the neighbourhood before 8:am.

at 8:15 am i arrived the school and lessons

commenced not until 10:am when a junior

student came to my class and told the teacher

in our class that the principal instructed him to

call me.

i quickly jumped on my feet with my heart

beating fast.

‘why will the principal send for me’ i said to my

self while walking towards the principal’s office.

To Be Continued…

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