-S*xual Assault: My Ordeal

Must Read: S*xual Assault: My Ordeal… Part 4

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I began to shiver before i could think of

anything my step father pushed me to the floor

and my head hitted the hard concrete floor

that was covered with a rug causing me alot of

pain my head began to pound as if my brain

will fall off.

He pulled of the trouser he was wearing and

inserted something into my pubic region and i

shouted with the last energy i had but his hands

quickly covered my mouth to prevent any

sound that will attract the attention of the


He removed his manhood and inserted it back

to my v*gina quickly all my energy was drained

and i was helpless on the floor.

He was gasping while he kept on inserting and

removing, at some point off time it was like my

v*gina was set ablazed and my vision became

blurred, my eyes closed gently.

I was is in a new world that looks like heaven

and i finally met Jesus that i’ve been giving

praises and worships to over the years.

I saw people beneath where i was standing

waiting for an angel to attend to me shouting

and scratching their body thats the people in

hell and i smilled knowing fully that i’ll make

heaven i was number 52 on the que when it

was my turn to be judged i heard a bell and i

woke up that must be the bell of the celestral

church members that go about preaching every


To Be Continued…

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