-S*xual Assault: My Ordeal

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Tears rolled from my step father’s eyes i was


‘Please forgive me and please dont mention to

any one my rape attempt please’ My step

father pleaded, ‘is like you are back to your

senses’, I almost said.

I never wanted to forgive him my plan was to

tell my mum about his attempt and there fore

he’ll be thrown out of the house Mr. Iyke is a

jobless Man all he do is to watch football and

order for food i wonder what my mom saw in

him is like he charmed my mom who knows.

Since my Pastor’s favourite topic was about

forgiveness i didnt know how my lips forced

itself to say ‘I’ve forgiven you already’.

Ever since the event took place he shouts at me

in my Mum’s presence but teased me at her


Am just a young girl of 16 years am in ss3 in ‘Crowter High College Ikeja’ i was well known as ‘sister mary’ in school i barely talk to people in school, i have no freind right from my jss1 in Crowter High College, i was seriously engaged with my studies, and church services was what i’ve never missed. it was friday morning when my mom anounced she’ll be travelling to the village over the weekend for her freind’s wedding. i helped her packed her cloth and folded it neatly into her small bag pack. and i escorted her to the motor park and waved her off.

I went home there after to meet my step father watching football before nepa seized power. at around 6pm that friday my step father disappeared into the dust surely he’ll be at Madam ngozi’s bar and there after i watched Emmanuel Tv until i dozed off.

I woke up in the night at about 10pm the heat was too strong for me to hold since Nepa were so frequent in seizing electricity when its needed most i decided to have some shower. ‘at this time my step father is not yet back hia’ I said while i looked at the time and i sighed and went straight to the bathroom…

To Be Continued…

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