-S*xual Assault: My Ordeal

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Few days later Mrs jane took me to the hospital

and the doctor conducted another test on me

and confirmed i didnt have hiv thereafter the

inspector general of police ordered the arrest

of my step father and he was detained in the

police cell while the case was in court.

10th of may 2013 the day he was called to

court and he was sentenced to ten years in

prison for child abuse and rape.

Ever since then my mom loved me the more

and she helped me with exercises meant for

pregnant women 6 months later i delivered a

baby boy he was a replica of his father.

one chill evening when my mom was asleep i

took the baby placed the baby in a basket and

headed for the main road and dumped him

there and i returned to the house on reaching

the house was my mom.

“where is your baby?” my mom asked and i

began to shiver she pushed my away and went

outside with a torch light and she used a cane

and forced me to show her where i kept the

baby i reluctantly took her to the junction

where i kept the baby.

“Thats the baby” i stopped and pointed to the

basket from a distance. my mom moved closer

to the basket and she took the basket empty.

“Where is the baby…?” my mom asked while

she was crying helplessly and hitting me with

the basket.

for once i felt unhappy with my actions but i

never liked the baby a neighbour helped my

mom home and she blamed me for my actions.

i waked up around 2 am and i want to my

mom’s room to find my mom awake.

“Mommy the time is 2:15 am and you’re not

asleep whats it?” i asked my mom while moving

to her bed and sat down.

“Why will i sleep when your baby is no where to

be found” my mom said with a disapointing


To Be Continued…

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