-Sikiru’s Owanbe Party (18+)

Must Read: Sikiru’s Owanbe Party (18+)… Part 2

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Patty was calling that afternoon to find out if we could go to the club with her. I told her James had traveled out of town and that I was all alone at home. She tututted and sympathized with my lonely state then invited me to accompany her to a club. I declined, claiming prior engagement. I then told her I had an owanbe party to attend later that night and that it would be fun filed and exciting. She quickly jumped at the suggestion of following me to the party instead of a club. I knew she would as she was one horny bitch constantly in search of sexual adventure and always ready at the drop of a hat to F**K any available Joystick. We are a perfect fit for friendship; two horny bitches.

Patty was in my house as early as 7pm for a party we had scheduled to attend at 10pm wearing an hole filled lace ensemble that I was sure had nothing underneath. She’s one freaky bitch with massive Buttocks that she loves to show off. Her Bosom are about average but she makes ample use of her best asset, her Buttocks. She had to wait patiently till 10.30pm despite her anxiety cos there was no way I was going to be the first to arrive a party. Its just not done.

Sikiru started calling at 9pm to find out if I was still coming to the party and later to find out what was delaying me. I told him to be patient, that I would be joining him soon. At 10.15pm, we set off with Patty driving, the party was on the other side of town but traffic was light at that time of night so we got there at around 10.40pm. we knew we were in the right place due to the sound that hit us meters before we actually got to the venue. The ‘gbogbo elere’ music popular with such parties was already in full swing blaring away an admixture of fuji and juju music. The atmosphere was rowdy and exciting at the same time. This kind of setting was not my usual kind of place but I just loved the anonymity and the slutty feeling it aroused in me. The scene brought back my university days and reminiscing on them was making me as horny as hell as I imagined being F***ed by all sorts of strange dicks.

Sikiru was already waiting for us as I had described the car we would be coming in earlier to him. He directed us to a secluded and relatively safe place to park the car and while Patty was busy maneuvering the car into position, he gave my ample semi exposed Bosom a squeeze and grabbed my Kittycat through my brocade skirt. I moaned as I relaxed unto his hands enjoying the feelings churning through my Kittycat. I also grabbed for his Joystick and saw that it was erect and hard through the Ankara ‘sokoto’ he was wearing. He managed to rub my bare Kittycat and slipped a finger in it before we were interrupted by Patty.

‘hey, don’t start without me’ she said, strolling to where we were standing in the dark. Sikiru removed his finger from my greedy Kittycat and sucked the wetness on it. I managed to introduce them to each other and noticed Sikiru steal a suggestive look at Patty’s butts which she replied to in kind by shaking. This broke the sexual tension and we all laughed. Sikiru then placed his hands round our shoulders and led us to a part of the party where about six other guys occupied a big table with three empty seats to spare. We sat on those seats and Sikiru introduced us proudly to his friends. He was very excited as it was obvious we were both way above their class from our cloths and demeanor.

Amala, ewedu and the usual ‘omi obe’ with big chunks of meat was served us. I couldn’t eat much as I was the junk food addict. I sha managed to eat the fish that was later serve. Sikiru kept me in a constant state of tension by fingering me under the table. My skirt was riding high on my thighs and my legs spread under the table for him to have free and easy access. He was ready for me, digging his fingers into my Kittycat while I was eating until I couldn’t bear it and gave a loud gasp and spilled soup all over the table. The others looked at me, smiled and continued what they were doing as if nothing had happened. Sikiru continued tormenting my Kittycat as if we were all alone and after seeing that nobody was paying us any heed, I decided to enjoy the pleasure spreading through my body from my Kittycat. I abandoned myself to the pleasure and practically let go. The table we were sitting at was in a secluded almost dark corner of the party. We were practically alone and unencumbered.

In the cloud of lust surrounding me, I faintly heard subdued moans coming from Patty’s side of the table and after making a supreme effort to concentrate and break loose from my passion, I saw one of Sikiru’s friends sucking and sucking and kneading Patty’s Bosom one after the other. She was also lost in lust. Sikiru continued the onslaught of my Kittycat increasing the number of fingers to three and tweaking my clit in the process. I became lost to all the goings on around me as I moaned and opened my legs wider for him to have deeper access. He obliged and kept using his fingers like a Joystick pumping the increased to four fingers in and out of my Kittycat and I pushed back, moaning, groaning, near to cumming on his hands. Soon I was begging him to go faster, faster and harder and my Okada man responded by giving me my wish. I shrieked and ground unto his hands as I exploded my juice all over his hands with some even splashing about.

I came down from my high to see good old Patty sucking one of Sikiru’s friend’s Joystick while another guy had her Bosom in his mouth and yet a third was busy fingering her. She was grunting as the Joystick in her mouth did not allow her to express herself the way she wanted. She bucked onto the guy fingering her Kittycat as she was hit by a massive climax. The guy whose Joystick she was busy chewing to ribbons also gave some animalistic growls and uploaded gallons of jism into her ever ready slutty mouth. She opened her mouth to show him his load in her mouth and then swallowed everything and licked her lips clean. The guy gulped in surprise at this sight cos I don’t believe a girl had ever swallowed his Pour.

We all adjusted our clothes and sat back down to enjoy the party. The foreplay had loosened us up and we started passing lewd remarks and touching each other suggestively. My hand was glued on Sikiru’s monster Joystick and I kept rubbing his erection through his trousers. I must give him credit cos despite my ministrations, he didn’t spill his load as other some other man would.

Around 2am in the morning, Sikiru beckoned on me and stood up. I followed him and the others also stood up. I didn’t know where we were going but was sure I was safe from any harm. The guys led us to a bus parked way off the party and the guys got in. I looked inquiringly at Sikiru who told me not to worry and that we would come back later for Patty’s car.

We drove to a well furnished bungalow which I later learnt belonged to one of Sikiru’s friends. Sikiru was virtually tearing the cloths off my back immediately we stepped in. it was obvious that my ministration of earlier on had really gotten into him, he was only exercising restraint. I was game as my Kittycat wanted hard Joystick and now. Before you could say, Jack, Sikiru had me on the floor writhing as he sucked on my erect Tips and squeezed on my heavy Bosom. I let myself go as I proclaimed my pleasure through moans and screams. I also wanted my mouth filled and had his hard, throbbing Joystick in my mouth sucking for all I was worth. It was a wonderful 69 we had as he also wanted to eat my Kittycat. Kittycat eating was one meal I had introduced Sikiru to and he has become very proficient in it. He sucked me clean of all Kittycat juice and I kept making more to fill his hungry mouth.

After about 10minutes of this, we both wanted to F**K. I knelt down and raised my bums in the air and bent my waist. My wet glistening Kittycat was revealed in all its glory and Sikiru gripped my waist and placed the head of his Joystick on my hungry hole. I wiggled back, wanting that Joystick deep inside me. With one firm grip on my waist, Sikiru shoved his 8.5inch Joystick deep inside my Kittycat burying it to the hilt. I gave a big howl as I pushed back onto him. Sikiru F***ed me hard and fast all the while squeezing my Bosom. It was wild but I loved it.

To Be Continued…

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