-Sikiru’s Owanbe Party (18+)

Must Read: Sikiru’s Owanbe Party (18+)… Part 1

A story written by @MissyErotica…

I miss my amorous trysts with Sikiru, my Okada man. It’s been a while we had any encounters and my Kittycat was screaming for some of those raunchy sessions of F**K I have with him. It’s not that I don’t enjoy s*x with my Fiance, James, just that what we do is sweet love making. He thinks I’m fragile and treats me like a doll, cuddling me and making me snuggle up to him after our sweet rounds of love making. But I’m not a doll. My body needs rough handling once in a while, my Kittycat needs pounding every so often and this makes me feel alive and slutty. I just love that slutty feeling. But it feels good to have my sweet James waiting for me after my raunchy sessions with Sikiru. He makes me feel loved and as much as I love those slutty moments of stolen fucks, I won’t trade James love for me with anything.

Sikiru called me some days ago about a party he wanted me to attend with him but I can’t go since James is at home and I don’t have any excuse for going anywhere. My Kittycat itches badly. Making love with James is sweet, but my Kittycat is dying for some hard pounding. I was lying down in the sitting room watching some hard core X-trated and preparing to use my dildo when my phone range and it was James calling.

‘hey baby’ I spoke into the phone

‘Heartbeat, sorry I have unpleasant news. Got to travel to Abuja today on a serious assignment, will be back tomorrow evening’ he said.

‘ohhhh baby, but we have something planned for tonight, remember?’ I answered in dismay.

‘sorry heartbeat, can’t help it. It’s a very important meeting. We just have to reschedule our plans. Forgive me’. He pleaded.

‘okay baby, but I’m gonna miss you’ I sure was gonna miss him, a day away from him always feels like forever.

‘be good, heartbeat, and don’t stay cooped up at home, call your friends, go out and have fun for daddy’ he said.

‘I’ll try, baby, just that it won’t be much fun without you there’ I replied morosely.

‘cheer up, heartbeat; it’s just for a night. Got to go now so as to catch the next flight, will call you once I land, muah, a billion times’ he said

‘muah, baby. Take care and make sure you call me’.

We hung up and I was not happy. I knew it was going to be one lonely Friday night. Barely thirty minutes after James’ call, Sikiru called and asked me if I was sure I wasn’t going to attend the party he had earlier invited me to. I became exhilarated and answered in the affirmative, that I would attend. I dropped the call excited, my Kittycat was juicing spastically in anticipation of the lovely time I was going to have. I know for a fact that we would have F**K sessions after the party. James’ emergency meeting was in fact a God send rather than the disappointment I had initially thought.

I started making arrangements for later, by making sure my Kittycat was still as bald as before. I shaved off the stubble that had started growing there and fingered myself to an earth shattering climax in the process. The mere thought of Sikiru’s Joystick was enough for my Kittycat to start juicing. I’m such a slut, I can’t help myself.

At about 3pm in the afternoon, I was called by a friend of mine who lectures in another faculty of the same school. We are quite close and this was caused by an incident that happened about two years ago. It all happened this way.

A former student of mine had just returned from the youth service year and came to greet me in the office. He knew that I sometimes stay late in the office to read and maybe do pending duties. This fateful evening, he got to my office around 5pm and we got chatting, talking about his experience in camp and during the service year and his expectations for the future. He was one hunk of a guy and I had always lusted after him but had to restrain myself for ethical reasons. Sleeping with your student is bad for morale and discipline.

We continued talking and before we knew it, it was already dark outside. One thing led to the other in our discussion and I asked him about his girl and emotional life and we got personal sha. I got up later to switch on the light in my office and on my way back, he grabbed my Buttocks, supposedly by mistake. I looked at him and he looked back and it was obvious we both wanted each other. I stood there by my table gasping for breath with my chest heaving up and down. To cut a long story short we grabbed each other and started smooching with him rubbing his hands all over my body. My blouse buttons had become undone in the course of our grappling and he had freed my Bosom from their confinement and had one Tip in his mouth sucking like a milk starved baby. My Kittycat was juicing, clenching in anticipation of a hard Joystick. I moaned aloud as he sucked first one hard Tip then the other and gradually made his way to the band of my skirt. I gripped my desk, my head thrown back, Bosom pushed to his face for greater reach. I moaned like the slut I was, enjoying the attention on my Bosom and aching for my Kittycat to be filled. He didn’t disappoint me as he pushed down my skirt and panties with one hand while still tweaking my Tips with the other. My Kittycat was bared to his gaze and he basked in the sight of my bare snatch exposed in all its glory. He blew on it and I gasped, pushing forward, wanting all the attention I can get. He dipped a finger in my juicing Kittycat and brought it to his lips, licking his fingers clean and savoring the taste. I was no longer myself as I groaned and moaned in lust, wanting more.

He obliged me by spreading my legs wide on the table with me helping him further by leaning as far back on the desk as I could, bending my knees and pushing my gushing Kittycat forward for closer access. Without preamble, he lashed onto my aching and flooding Kittycat, sucking for all he was worth as if his life depended on it. I bucked and bucked, moaning in lustful delight as I pushed my Kittycat further and further in his face as if I would drown him with Kittycat juices. He didn’t mind as he sucked away, giving my clit little nips then circling round it with his tongue. Often he tongue F***ed my Kittycat driving me wild. I moaned aloud as I had series of mini cums and then couldn’t hold back my shout of pleasure as a big Pour began its journey from my Kittycat to the center of my body. My toes curled and I held on to his head urging him on as I had a very massive Pour.

‘What the F**K?’ a voice intruding on my pleasure but I was too far gone to notice or come down from my high. My Kittycat kept convulsing, clenching and contracting as I kept cumming.

I gradually came down from the cloud I was to be confronted by my friend Patty standing inside my office and staring at me spread on my desk and my Kittycat being eaten by a hunk.

‘hmmm , I I I ‘ I stammered, at a lose for what to say but still in the euphoria of my Pour to really comprehend what was happening and my Kittycat still very sensitive yet aching for a sound F**K.

‘I want some too’ she said. Surprise!!!!!! Patty simply slipped off her dress and took his erect Joystick in her mouth, sucking for all she was worth.

It was one raunchy s*x fest as we ended up having a threesome, with him fucking and sucking both of us and us taking turns to suck him.

That was how our friendship became a one of a kind one.

To Be Continued…

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