Must Read: Shadows… Part 9

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Lanre: Hey hey…..Relax guys! It’s just us!
Tobi: Damn! You almost killed us with fear! What are you guys doing appearing from the bush like that.
Lanre: We heard you arguing so we figured you’re one of us.
Helen: Oh my God! Mary, I’m so glad you’re alright.
Mary: Me too. How are you guys? Is anyone hurt?
Halimat: we’re all fine. Alhamdulilah!
Lanre: Did you guys see anyone else?
Tobi: everyone ran in different directions, It’s difficult to find people now. We’re just lucky we found eachother here!
KC: Guys! I say we get out of here now!
Lanre: No! Not yet, we have to find the others!
Kc: Are you crazy? There’s something out there killing people in this forest!
Lanre: And that’s the more reason we need to find everyone and get back home safe!
Tobi: You’re talking about finding like 20 people in the dark, in a forest as big as this??
Helen: 22 people
Kc: You hear that? 22 people!
Lanre: This is what he wanted! For us to split up, so he can kill us one after the other!
Kc: He? What do you mean “He”?
Halimat: Do you know who killed Kamoru, John and Shade?
Lanre: You all should have figured that out now… you should know it’s the cat guy
Tobi: No! I think it’s the forest. This place is definitely haunted by evil spirits
Helen: So you think we did something to piss them off?
Halimat: It’s definitely the cat guy, he looked really fetish.
Kc: Dude was just a drunken bastard who was a little melodramatic
Mary: Cat guy or Evil spirits, i don’t care! Something or someone is killing people! Can we just decide what to do and get out of here, please?
Kc: I say we go home!
Lanre: Not without finding the others
Kc: Guess we have to take a vote then.
Lanre: Good. If you think we should find the others move to the right! If you think we should find our way out of here, to the left.
Mary was the first to move to the right, she knew she must back up her boyfriend no matter what. Halimat joined her immediately. Tobi moved to the left where Kc was standing. Helen stood exactly at her position, not moving an inch.
Lanre: Helen…. what is gonna be?
Helen stood looking at both sides, Halimat kept gesturing unto her to come with her.
Helen: Well…. Tobi and Kc are good looking guys!
Halimat: Are you kidding me! You’re making your decision based on guys? Helen!!
Helen: shut up! I came to this camp to hook up with guys! If i’m going to die today, i should s*x before going.
Mary: Helen! I’m going to slap some sense into you right now!
Kc: Let her be! You made your decision and we’ve made ours!
Helen: …..and Halimat… goodluck dying a virgin (laughs)
Tobi, Kc and Helen took off in the direction they believe would take them back to the village.
The rest, Lanre, Mary and Halimat looked on till they were no longer in sight.
Lanre: Okay guys! I believe we’re doing the right thing. We can’t leave our colleagues behind!
Halimat: Yes we know. I believe most people ran towards that direction (She points)
Lanre: Ok then. Let’s go!
They left with their lamps in hand. There was a full moon in the sky. That, and the lamps allowed them to see clearly. They walked as closely together as they could. Each lost in their individual thoughts, each wondering whether they are doing the right thing or just walking ahead, right into their graves.
Daniel: Guys! Do we even know which way we’re supposed to go? We could be going deeper into the forest as a matter of fact.
Timothy: So what do you suggest? That we stay put in a place till morning?
Daniel: That wouldn’t be a bad Idea.
Timothy: (sigh) Uche what do you think??
But Uche wouldn’t say a word. He has been quiet for the past 10mins, since the “thing” attacked him! Neither Timothy nor Daniel believed his story, they both even laughed at him. He kept looking around at intervals, just to see if the thing is still following them. Where was it dragging him to? Uche thought to himself. Why not kill him at that moment? Why drag him around?
Timothy: Uche!!!!
Uche: (startled) Yeah… yea??
Timothy: C’mon bro! Haven’t you been listening to what we’ve been saying?
Uche: Yes i have! I said we shouldn’t have come to this camp!
Timothy: We finished that conversation about 8 mins ago.
Uche: Oh!
Daniel: Uche! Nothing is here! You’re just worried.
Uche: It almost killed me!
Daniel: Nothing almost killed you man! All these is in your head! Everyone is just acting up!
Uche: But you saw it too! We all saw it! We saw the black hand grab Emma!
Daniel: We thought we saw a hand! It’s nothing but hallucinations!
Uche: How can you be so sure!
Daniel: Because……
Timothy: (Cuts in) Just stop both of you! Stop right now!
Uche: Daniel….Because what?
Timothy: I said stop! Now keep your mouth shut both of you and Let’s go!
They both did as Timothy said. Uche still worried and Daniel still sure they were all just seeing things that aren’t there. He was so sure of it because he knew what he had done to all of them.

To Be Continued…

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