Must Read: Shadows… Part 33

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Daniel: Oh! Thanks! But not just that. I need you to do something for me and you must not tell anyone!

Temmy: Anything for you ma love!

Brought out a plastic bag with Some contents in it.

Daniel: I need you to add this inside the jollof rice.

Temmy: DannyLove! Hope you’re not trying to get people killed!

Daniel: No no no… Far from it! In fact! I’m trying to make people come alive. When we all eat this thing with the rice! We’ll all be “Alright ” .. If you know what i mean.

Temmy: Hahahaha…. Okay then I’ll do it. Let me quickly go and add it, the rice is almost done.

Daniel:That’s why you’re my favorite girl in the whole of this school.

Temmy: (blushes ) Hmmmmm.


The voices were faint, there were laughters all around and voices raised in happy moods. There was a banging pounding on one side of his head, he couldn’t tell if it was migraine or he’s been hit on the head with something strong.

Slowly he began opening his eyes. At first,it was all a blur, he couldn’t picture anything, all he saw were images of people, lots of them.

He blinked hard, rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. The first thing he saw was the sky, it felt strange. The sun had set already but the sky was still bluish and beautiful . He looked up and saw Emma, standing over him, smiles on his face like he was enjoying the moment.

Emma: hahahahaha…. Come here everyone! Lanre has woken up.

Lanre heard the footsteps all around as they all gathered, everyone smiling and looking at him .

Lanre: Wah….what…what is happening…?

They all bursted out laughing. He turned his head around and saw them all. The class rep, Timothy, then Halimat, Moji….
He leaped on his feet has he saw Mary, wrapping his hands around her, checking all her body to see if she was alright.

Lanre: Oh my God! Mary! You’re alright! Oh God, Thank you! You are alright!

He turned around and saw the Class rep, he charged at him and tried hitting him but everyone held him, stopping him from getting any closer to the class rep.

Emma: Lanre you need to calm down okay… i know how you’re are feeling! We’ve all done crazy things today…. look around, look at Uche over there…..

Lanre turned his head and saw Uche, who was by a tree lifting a tiny cane up and down and shouting he was using it as weight, sweat all over his body.

Emma: Okay… now look at Habeeb!

Habeeb was standing on a rock close by. Half Unclad and dancing to no sound.
Lanre: What’s going on? You’re all dead!

Everyone laughed again.

Emma: hahaha.. no one is dead Lanre. This idiot (Points to Daniel) added some kind of weed to the jollof rice we all ate and that has got everyone acting weird. You were lucky it made you sleep. Some of us have done crazy things while we were high on it. Helen for example, tried to put a burning wood, from the burn fire in between her legs, shouting she wanted to have s*x….

Helen: Emma! Shut up your mouth there.


Emma: John and Timothy had kissed each other , they said they wanted to get married.


Emma: hahaha…. and you’ll notice Tobi isn’t here. He’s inside that tent right now crying and holding his Joystick. Because when he was high… the stupid idiot masturbated with Aboniki balm


To Be Continued…

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