Must Read: Shadows… Part 32

A Story written by Austinblinks…

friday, 6:40pm

Moji: Temmy! Check that rice again.

Temmy: Leave me alone.. I just checked few minutes back.

Moji: Wait…. are you still pissed at Daniel?

Temmy: Of course i am!!! Came to this camp just for him, now look at him talking to other girls over there.

Moji: You’re all over a guy who doesn’t even care about you… just check the rice for me abeg.

Mary: Hey girlfriends…

Moji; Temmy: Hey Mary.

Mary: Uhmn… could you girls please fix me with a plate of rice? Lanre is pretty hungry.

Moji: Oh sure thing. It’s not fully dry yet but Temmy will serve it anyways… . Ehn ehn why was Lanre so freaked out about that cat guy on the road.

Temmy: Yes.. I saw him shouting we should apologize and all…he was being weird.

Mary: Don’t mind Lanre. He gets like that sometime but it was nothing important… Anyways… Temmy, i saw Daniel while coming here, he was looking for you. I guess he wanted to see you.

Temmy: Yaaay! Really? Wow! Okay… Oya take Lanre’s food! Let me go and see Daniel right away…..hoooh!!


Friday, 6:45pm

Daniel: psst.. psst Temmy….Temmy….Come here quick!

Temmy: Hey DannyLove! What is it?

Daniel: How are you? I hear you guys are cooking jollof rice abi?

Temmy: Yes! Moji and I, plus two other girls sha! Why? are you hungry? I will give you double portion!

To Be Continued…

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