Must Read: Shadows… Part 31

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Friday, 6:35pm

Emma: Lanre! What’s up with you? Why you just sitting here in the bus alone? You’re acting weird again …

Lanre: Bro… i don’t know if I’m comfortable coming here okay. I had a terrible dream last night, Mary was hurt and it had something to do with this camp.

Emma: Bla…..bla…bla…. It’s just a dream man! You woke up from it, didn’t you? And now it’s all gone .

Lanre: You don’t understand.. i have this thing… maybe a gift or a curse… if i dream about something, it most definitely almost realistic. It’s like a premonition of sort.

Emma: So…If i heard you correctly, what you are trying to tell me is that you see the future in your dreams?

Lanre: Yes i do!

Emma: Hehehehe…. and i thought all crazy people are in Ward 7 already. Okay! What have you seen before? Which of your dream came to pass ever?

Lanre: Before my Grandpa died, i saw it in a dream. Dad told me 3 days after the dream that Grandpa died.

Emma: Oh…. you mean your Grandpa who was 103 yrs old and had been sick for a while before he died? Everyone knew he was gonna die already, you thought about it and it appeared like a dream.

Lanre: How about this…. My seat mate in primary school died 2days after i dreamt about it.

Emma: You mean the boy with sickle cell that even his parent knew he was about to die?

Lanre: what about..

Emma: Naah … cut it off man! There’s nothing like premonitions or seeing the future in dreams. Your mind is just playing back things you already know while you sleep okay? I know you love Mary and you feel the need to watch her back…that’s why your mind is playing this trick okay? Forget it!

Lanre: Ok….okay… i hope so. I’m so hungry right now.

Emma: I think Moji and the rest of the girla are done cooking. I’ll tell Mary to go meet them and get you something.

Lanre: Thank you man ….

Emma: ….and please! Get out of this bus, come out and have fun. You need to see the bumshorts these girls are squeezing their big butts in….

Lanre: hahaha… i’ll be out soon


To Be Continued…

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