Must Read: Shadows… Part 30

A Story written by Austinblinks…

Lanre tried again and this time the bus came alive, he revved the engine as hard as he could to keep it running. Depressed the clutch and shifted the gear into 1.

But instead of moving, the tire by his side at the back was stuck in mud so it kept rolling on a spot, spilling debris and digging a hole around itself
. He kept trying but the more the tires roll, the wider the hole being dug around the tire.

Lanre: (sighs) I hoped it wouldn’t come to this but….. That tire is stuck in mud… there’s only one way to do this?
Mary: What way?
Emma: (sighs) Someone has to push the bus from behind.
Mary: what? That’s insane! But they are out there!
Emma: I’ll go okay…
Mary: No!! You’re not.
Lanre: Don’t worry Emma. I’ll go push it.
Mary: Hell No! Don’t you dare suggest that!
Lanre: Baby… someone needs to go okay or we all die here.
Mary: Then let us all die!
Emma: Then all our efforts all night would be for nothing? No! Lanre and Mary, you guys stay in and let me go push the bush….these things are almost getting in.
Lanre: Mary… I’ll gladly give my life for yours okay… you just have to be safe okay… And Emma, shut up! You’re too weak already, you can barely walk so stay in and drive. You won’t be able to push the bus anyways, you’re too weak…
Emma: (crying) Then maybe we both should go then
Lanre: Mary can’t drive!! Let me do this…. they are getting in…
Lanre forced Emma to the driver seat
Lanre: Be ready to drive this thing out of here.

He pulled Mary close wrapped his arms around her. She fought to hold him back but he wouldn’t have it, something needs to be done and he’s ready to do it.

Emma forced himself up in tears to give his friend that last hugged. Mary wailed, tug at his shirts, cried more. He pulled her close, kissed her on the lips and handed her to Emma.

Lanre: (In tears) Ok…. ok… get ready…ok… Mary… I love you…. Emma, please get her out of here… take care of her.

Mary: Don’t Lanre! Don’t so this… I love you.
Emma: (sighs)…You got it brother.

From the other side, Lanre leaped out through the window, landing on the ground and immediately started pushing the bus.
Lanre: Emma…. Now!!!

His voice caught the zombies attention as they came running towards him. Emma floored the throttle and Lanre pushed harder. The bus moved and immediately it did, Lanre slipped and fell.
In no time, the zombies pounced on him, tearing at his flesh with their teeth and fingers.

Emma and Mary watched in horror as Lanre’s screams grew louder and louder . They couldn’t stop the tears, Emma accelerated out of the bush and unto the highway.
Mary cried, shouting Lanre on top of her voice. Emma watched on in the rear mirror as the zombies pulled on Lanre, tearing him into parts… His screams echoing and fading away as the bus sped off…. and everything went dark

To Be Continued…

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