Must Read: Shadows… Part 3

A Story written by Austinblinks..

Halimat: has Lanre finally agreed to go with you??
Mary: (Excitedly ) Yesss he has. I was able to convince him.
Helen: I’ve always known there was no way he would let you go alone. He loves you too much to let that happen. I just look at both of you and wish i could have what you guys have.
Mary: You’re dating two guys at the same time Helen, there’s no way you can have what Lanre and I have.
Helen: You’re just lucky babygurl. Most guys out there are [email protected]#k boys.
Mary: ….and that’s why you’re dating two guys?
Helen: Yea, so that if one of them leave, I’ll fall back on other.
Halimat: And if they both leave?
Helen: One thing we have in abundance here in Nigeria are [email protected]#k boys….if they both leave, I’ll find a new one.
Mary: Haaaa… how many guys are you gonna date before you marry?
Helen: as many as possible
Halimat: oh.. .and then you keep having s*x with them all??
Helen: Uhn uhn….as long as they have “the tool” …why not?
Halimat: You’re just a Sl*t! I don’t know why we are friends sef
Helen: Hahahaha…. Babygurl, i’m a VIP…that’s my Momma’s V and my Daddy’s P. You better go out and get laid.
Halimat: No Thanks! I won’t offend Allah
Helen: Miss Virgin! Allah does not give a crap about your s*x life. 8 Billion people in the world and you think Allah cares if you’re getting some?
Halimat: please shut up! I’m waiting ’till after I’m wedded to a proper man in Holy Nikkah!…. Insha Allah!
Helen: Hahaha…. ” Alhamdu- get-the-f*ck-outta-here” my friend
Mary: (cuts in) Helen shut up! It’s her decision so It’s none of your business! Do whatever you want with your body, just remember no man wants his future wife to bring a “borehole ” to him
Halimat: Hmmm…. Borehole? Some people will eventually take a Canal to their future hubby.
Mary: Hahahaha…. Okay! Both of you stop right now!
Helen: Whatever! What are you guys taking to the camp? I have no idea what to pack o.
Mary: Uhmm… blankets, lamp, toiletries and all that
Halimat: I’m taking my laptop
Mary: What for? You know there’s no internet connection there right??
Halimat & Helen: What???
Mary: The goal of the camp is for us to bond as friends and coursemates without interruptions from the outside world.
Halimat: Ohhhh! Me I’ll stay back o
Helen: Stay back and waste the 15k we paid? Abegi, Let’s go there, I’m up for anything
Halimat: Of course you are! As long as there are boys there and bushes where you and them can disappear to. You’ll definitely up for it.
Mary: Halimat! Don’t start! Let’s go to the mini mart, i want to get a mosquitoes repellent cream.
Helen: Oh yea! I’ll need that too.

1:12am Friday
Lanre was in the bush all alone. He had no idea where the others had gone to but he could hear them talking and laughing. He bent down and wiped tears off his face and saw something move behind him. He saw the shadow in a figure and suddenly it was gone, he looked around and saw no one, just the leaves rustling and branches breaking.
The air was cold, it sent chills down his spine and yet hot sweats rolled down his temple. Suddenly the laughter of his colleagues had changed into wailing and crying. He had screams and people falling but he saw no one.
“Help me Lanre!”
He heard Mary’s voice and turned around, she was on the ground, leaves sticking to her cheek and blood dripping, she held on tight to a tree root. That was when he looked up and saw a shadow standing over her, gripping her legs and pulling her farther into the bush. He tried to run towards her but he fell, hitting the ground. So he crawled and grabbed her, pulling her towards himself but the shadow was too strong for him, her hands were covered in blood, it made her hands slippery. He tried to shout but his voice wouldn’t come out….
“Don’t let me go, don’t let him take me like he took the others Lanre…..please Lanre, please ”
she said faintly
Now he’s crying and shaking..
Lanre……lanre….. Lanre…….
Mary jerked him awake. He woke up. Tears in his eyes and soaked in sweats
“Lanre are you alright?? You keep rolling and shaking in bed, and why are you sweating? The fan is on the highest speed.” Mary asked, scared and worried.
Lanre: It’s fine! You’re fine! Thank God you’re fine!….. Thank God you’re fine……(he sighed)
He couldn’t sleep after that so he closed his eyes and said: Our father! Who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name………….

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